dark_noldor's Spider-Man/Fantastic Four #3 - Bizarre Love Triangle review

Of Skrulls, Kisses and Schemes

The Story - Gage continues his epic and amazing storytale about the Spider-Man and The Fantastic Four, as they meet in different time periods of their lifes and face commom threats. In this issue, after the New Fantastic Four defeated the Mole Man, Sue, Johnny, Ben, Sharon, Reed, Logan, Ghost Rider, Peter and Hulk have to go toe to toe against a Skrull spy and each other?!? 
Why this book is awesome - Gage tells this story in a very unique and simple narrative, making the plot concise and interesting at the same time, so it really feels like when comic books were just about a bunch of heroes getting together to defeat the bad guys, without complicated plots. By doing this, he can focus much more on the characters and the relations with each other, making this project easy to read and accessible to all kind of readers (fans of Spider-Man or Fantastic Four or even who never read any comic book of neither one of them) and the fact that in each issue he focus in one member of the FF to interact with Spider-Man makes all the numbers different and with the feeling of whole/fullfilment (this issue is more about Sue). Besides that this book wouldn´t have none of the magic it has without Mario Alberti, it´s his style and vision of how the characters present themselves that really complete Gage´s writing (this artist should be Spider-Man´s penciler, in fact, Marvel should give Gage and Alberti a monthly book about Spider-Man)
Why did I love this book - Ok, not only it has great narrative, interesting dialogues and impressive art, Mr. Gage decided to put this issue in a specific time period that had a deep impact in my life: it´s the New Fantastic Four (do you guys remember, it was on Fantastic Four #s 348/349, with pencils by Art Adams, featuring Ghost Rider, Wolverine, Grey Hulk and Spider-Man, gathered by a false Sue Richards - who was in fact the Skrull De´Lila) and it was one of my first comic books. This issue wasn´t about laughter (of course there are some jokes, but not in the same amount as previous issues) so it was more elaborated towards strategy and deep feelings talk (specially between Sue and Peter) and focused more in Sue and Peter, and the fact that it was Peter´s idea to change the tide of the fight really made me happy.  The highlight of this issue is the battle and fighting scenes, totally awesome, what proves that Alberti has plenty of skills and talent.
The Verdict - Gage must be rewarded for this series, because it´s an "Untold Tale" that has it´s own life without getting too far way from what really happened, like in this story for instance, instead of ending just after the deal with the Mole Man, he just added more scenes (that could have happened), mixing them up for his real plot (that will be unfolded in next issue). What I mean is that this is not boring, but at the same time it´s not ridiculous impossible to have happened. Reading this series has been a beautiful experience, that I haven´t had in a long time reading comics, so I will always remember this comic books, and I recommend that everybody gets this series, it´s worth it.
5 out 5


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