Would Spider-Man be a villian if Uncle Ben did not die?

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I was just watching a Spider-man marathon on FX and I was wondering, Peter went to use his powers for money at the cage match, but didn't realize that with great power comes with great responsibility until after his Uncle died. So what if he didn't? Would Peter Parker still be out using his powers for personal gain if a loved one didn't die from a crook?

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No. Peter is by and large a good guy. I think he'd be an arrogant hero, a la Tony Stark.

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@TheCrowbar: Yeah, remember that episode of Spider-Man TAS where all the Spider-Men from other dimensions teamed up and one of them wore the Steel Spider armor with gadgets, had his own company, and was basically another Iron Man, all because Uncle Ben didn't die? Basically, if Uncle Ben didn't die, Pete's life would be great!!

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How would earning profit make you a villain?

better be a cage fighter or NBA player say than blackwater (imagine all the fun he will have in the middle east, yeah man burn them houses)

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In the comics he had thought about using his powers for evil in order to help out Aunt May pay for her home by robbing banks and such but then thought to himself how he could never do such a thing so he went into the entertaining business which got him nothing since you cant write a check out to Spidey WHICH lead to him taking pictures.

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Doubtful. I think uncle Ben would've convinced him (without knowing about his power) to become a hero regardless.

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Well didn't he eventually tell his Uncle Ben about his powers in House of M and became a public hero instead? I figured the same thing would probably happen here as Peter would eventually get cocky (more than he was at the time) and Uncle Ben would set him straight with the whole power and responsibility.

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It depends, he could have a few paths, ironman / hero or villain.

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Peter is inherently a good guy. If not uncle ben he would of found something else to feel guilty about .

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Can't see Parker a as a villain if his Uncle Ben didn't die. Perhaps a bit apathetic, if we are going to judge his attitude by letting the Burglar run past him in Amazing Fantasy #15, but I really don't see him going down the path of the villain. He would just lack the whole Power/Responsibility aspect in his personality.

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Spider-Man is one of the smartest people in the Marvel Universe, and most likely would've went the way of iron man, or that of Booster Gold. He wouldn't rob banks, or kill people, he'd just do it for money/publicity. Although he is fundamentally a good guy, and might grow out of it, we are talking how he was at 16 - and with Ben and May both there to coach him, he may turn out better.

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Nah he'd most likely have less morals and be more arrogant but he'd still be a good guy.

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There was an alternate universe in the crossover triple annual Spider-Man, Hulk and Deapool thing a little while back, where the Spider-Man from the universe had his Uncle Ben, but his Uncle was having him suck the energy from other universes Spider-men, so that seems like a bad guy to me

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There was a what if comic about that.I'm surprised no one posted it

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Yeah, probably. Spider-man may be an inherently good man, who started out looking after his only living family. But you could say the same for a Mr. Parker Robbins. Better known as The Hood. Wrestling for cash would get someones attention. That someone would get Spider-Man's attention, and would make an offer. Without Ben's death to spur him into a life of guilt-fueled heroism, Spider may actually think twice about that deal. Then something bad will happen to May, or Ben, and this time he'll not be looking for justice. He'll be looking for revenge, because he took that first step. Suddenly that offer will spring to his mind, and he'll wonder if he could use it to find those responsible, or take the job to get money to pay for the hospital bills. And then he's in debt. And other offers are made. And since he already accepted one, why not a bit more? A slippery slope Spidey will slide, until yes, he ends up as a villain.

Worst part? It won't even be a high level, archnemesis villain. It'll be some D-list joke of a supervillain.

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