Will Marvel ever pick the story of Baby May back up?

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They said that she was deceased, but it was never made certain. I'm wondering if Marvel will ever pick the story back up, what could they possibly do with it? I think it would be amusing if she showed up fully-grown as one of Norman's underlings. What do you folks think, will they ever pick the story back up?

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It was always heavily implied that she didn't actually die, but that Norman had arranged for a nurse to smuggle the baby out to him. HOWEVER this was all undone with the OMD and OMIT, where it essentially said that MJ never got pregnant (This was confirmed by Quesada). So no, Marvel will NEVER pick this thread up again I'm afraid to say.

However there was the Spider-Girl series which is an alternate universe story that stars May (She was rescued from Osborn's people by Kaine and returned to Peter and MJ). This is the closest thing to resolution you will receive regarding this plot point. I recommend the series wholeheartedly, it's excellent.

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It was picked up in the MC2-verse

#4 Posted by Phaedrusgr (1701 posts) - - Show Bio

@Baron_BJ: Nice! Never read this one! Good info, I will read it, no doubt.

#5 Posted by darthfury78 (1128 posts) - - Show Bio

Imagine if someone(instead of Kaine) rescued the child and is raising her in secret. Julia Carpenter would know. But the Post-OMD retconned the baby out of existence. Thus, the baby resides in the Pre-OMD timeline.

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I do think they will work their way back to Baby May being in the regular story again, once they finally fire Joe Queasda from Marvel and have him NEVER work in the comic flied again. At least that is what I think, yet of course they will have to work the story back to The Clone Saga's very end and have Peter and Ben come at Norman a whole different way, than they originally did!

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