Will Alpha be a villain?

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Alright, we all read #692, and we all know how Alpha is cocky and arrogant. Do you think Alpha will be a villain to Spider-Man? If so, how would Spidey take him down?

#2 Posted by Skunkstein (591 posts) - - Show Bio

I dont think so... He is a very typical teenager, i think he will learn his lesson in a plot similair to that of Peters and Uncle Bens death, Alpha will face a situation where he sees what his powers can bring and you know all the typical yadda, yadda, yadda... with great power comes great responsibility.

IF he became a villian, Spidey wouldnt/couldnt take him on in a brawl, it seems that Alpha is very powerful, as its already stated Alpha isnt the smartest kid, so he will proberly outsmart him OR team up with some of the already shown guys like FF4, Avengers etc.

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I think Alpha becoming a villain is too obvious. Spider-man will put aside his dislike for the kid and teach him about 'Great Power' etc. Will Alpha last very long? I don't think so. If we've learned anything from 'Ends of the earth', Peter working in Horizon and his inventions have done more bad then good for him. I can see the Parker Particle being turned against him.

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I was a little confused when Reed said he is the first Alpha level threat. Does that mean greater then omega??

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@Mr_Winchester said:

I was a little confused when Reed said he is the first Alpha level threat. Does that mean greater then omega??

Yep. The older Alpha gets the stronger he becomes. He is in theory more powerful then the Phoenix he just has to learn to control his abilities.

So yes Alpha Threat>Omega Threat

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Me thinks he's gonna lose his powers or sacrifice himself to save the day.

#7 Posted by JonSmith (4032 posts) - - Show Bio

He's either going to lose his powers or become a villain. I can't see him becoming a stand alone hero. Though I suppose people said the same about Robin back in the day. Still, I'd kind of like to see him become a villain. Starts off as a Spider-man villain, escalates to a worldwide threat, too powerful to stop, Spider-Man invents something to lobotomize him to put him down. Eventually pulls the trigger, the ramifications of everyone who died from Alpha's rampage and putting Alpha down himself as his responsibility could have an interesting effect on his character.

And by interesting, I mean most likely the same effect as always: Guilt, tears, reassurance, great power, great responsibility, etc. But in the right hands, it could result in a very interesting turn for his character.

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After #693, it is clear that Alpha will be no more. Thoughts anyone, will Alpha die, or just get his powers taken away?

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