Why didn't Sandman appear in Spiderman TAS?

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He would've been a great character, but instead they replaced him with Hydroman. Also, they had every other main villain in the show, why not him?

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Sandman and Electro were planned for villains in James Camerons Spider-Man project. It was a rights issue...they actually got away with using Electro though....because he was nothing like Electr for the comics, but the Red Skulls son instead
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Basically, they weren't allowed to. Sandman, along with Electro, were suppose to be the villains in the James Camerons Spider-man movie. the rights to Sandman and Electro went to him, so they couldn't use him or Electro in TAS. Instead of Sandman, they used Hydro Man, and went with a very different version of Electro.

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I always thought that it had something to do with the show being aired during Sandman's time as a good guy

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