Why aren't Black suit Spidey and Venom similar in appearance?

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We have Spider-Man who's suit is just a black suit with a big white spider and also we have Eddie Brock as Venom, the symbiote gave Eddie a massive monstrous face and turned him into basically a black hulk, but Spider-Man structure and appearance didn't change? Is it because of maybe that Eddie had way more rage or somethin'? Also on both suits the symbiote forms a huge white and highly stylized spider logo, why did the symbiote even form a logo being organic?

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The suit didn't exactly want to tip its villainous side at first. With a little chemical help, Mac Gargan hides the true nature of the symbiote as well while on Dark Avengers. The suit always can look normal, it just doesn't want to.

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@TheTimShow: From an artistic standpoint it's to distance Venom from Spidey. From a comic standpoint it's because without Spidey, the symbiote just chooses to make itself look like a monster. I remember one comic, don't ask me when or what issue cause I don't remember, where he took it back for a minute or two and it looked like the regular black costume, no fangs or anything.

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When Spider-Man was in the symbiote, he was in control, but when he dumped it, and it attached to Eddie, who has a bigger build than Spidey, it grew angry due to Eddie's rage, and it's own rage at Spidey abandoning it, so it turned into a monster. Also, it's always had the white logo, even when Spidey had it.

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