Where should I start?

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So, I don't mean to be that guy...but here goes

I've read various issues of Ultimate, Amazing, etc. but they've always been out of order. Even though I'm not that well versed on every little nuance regarding his life, enemies, etc. I've come to enjoy his character in that he's generally the smaller guy in fights, but his witty and often sarcastic sense of humor reflect my own. That aspect alone has intrigued me over the years, but I've always been a bit intimidated by the sheer number of iterations out there. I know if I start on a modern series, I'll kick myself for having not read older series'. Though, the issue with that is evident..obtaining older comics are damn near impossible, but is it possible that the older ones have been rebooted?

I probably come off as stupid having asked that, but I really am clueless. I'd prefer physical copies of comics, but I'll settle for digital if something is out of print. So, help guy out? Please and thanks.

TL:DR Where should I start? And for older comics, have they been rebooted for ease of accessibility?

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Honestly I think Spider-man is really worth reading from one. But you should stop once you finish spider-island for sure.

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I usually dont condone telling people this but you're right it is near impossible to get some of the older books. If i were you i'd goto a place like piratebay, you can find the entire run of amazing spiderman if you want. Download a viewer because they generally come in .cbr format, and there ya go. As a collector myself I'd prefer people go out and buy them so the medium stays where it is in print, however if you want to read the originals all you can do is either buy the essentials or download them!

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@Zatchara: Start:

Amazing Spider-man 600

Amazing Spider-man 648 - Big time and the first issue of Dan Slott's run which will lead you to the present stories.

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@Zatchara: I know where you're coming from, bro.

I read All 133( I believe ) + The reboot (New!) + (All-New!) of Ultimate Spiderman, and it was heck worth it.

As far as Amazing i'm going to start soon, I have all 700 digitally and i only read up to like 50 so far. (I kinda cheated and read 695-700, oops.)

I think Ultimate is better in my case.

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Personally the way I did it was starting at 648 with Big Time, taking that all the way to the end, and now in the meantime while I have superior and am waiting for amazing to come back, I have all these older stories to read. I recommend it to almost anyone trying to get into Spider-Man comics for the first time. Dan Slott's run gives you a taste of what Spidey adventures are like and then now that you are fully invested in the character, you can go back to the older issues from the beginning because the older stuff may be somewhat of a chore to read these days since the writing, especially dialogue, is a little dated.

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