When was the last time Spidey ran out of Web Fluid?

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Small thing, but I was thinking. I've been catching up on the Spider-Man comics of the last couple years, and I don't think I've seen him run out of web fluid once. Did he finally install something that stops that from happening? Did he just gain the experience to know when he's running out? Have his methods of carrying extra cartridges changed since just carrying them on his built and around the webshooter? When WAS the last time he ran out of web fluid? Any ideas?

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@JonSmith: I believe he made a comment about running low on web during the Ends Of The Earth arc.

#3 Posted by InfamousFish (378 posts) - - Show Bio

@Strider92: Yeah it was Ends of The Earth story arc.

#4 Posted by TDK_1997 (16128 posts) - - Show Bio

Ends of Earth.

#5 Posted by BringnIt (3859 posts) - - Show Bio

This week in Web of Spider-Man v3 #129.2

#6 Posted by Deranged Midget (18236 posts) - - Show Bio

@BringnIt said:

This week in Web of Spider-Man v3 #129.2

This. He ran out of Web fluid and commented on now being prepared and stocked with extra cartridges.

#7 Edited by Retro_Metro (381 posts) - - Show Bio

Yea;That would suck if he had to get knocked around a bit temporary without any web for a bit until he found somewhere to re-fuel.

#8 Posted by Video_Martian (5650 posts) - - Show Bio

@TDK_1997 said:

Ends of Earth.

#9 Posted by BringnIt (3859 posts) - - Show Bio

^How you going to agree it was in Ends of Earth when you have had two people say it happened this week?

#10 Posted by p3t3r133 (106 posts) - - Show Bio

At some point in Big Time he installed a notification light or something that warns him when he's low. I remember he made a comment wondering why he never thought of it before

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