When Does Superior Spider-man come to LCS?

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Ok so on the website it says #9 was published last sunday. I go to my LCS and it still not there. How does this work?

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What website are you looking at? Your LCS's? Mine doesn't have a website, so I'm not sure how that works. But on Marvel's website (specifically, here: http://marvel.com/comics/issue/46481/superior_spider-man_2013_9) it says the comic was published on May 1st, which was last Wednesday. Every two or three weeks, always on a Wednesday, the next issue of Superior Spider-man is released. DC comics arrive once per month, and new comics arrive in comic stores on Wednesdays. Superior Spider-man, along with several other Marvel series, arrives twice as frequently as most DC books--bimonthly, rather than monthly.

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It comes in twice a month

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