What would you like to happen in a final Spiderman movie?

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Just saw The Dark Knight Rises tonight and it was EPIC and in my opinion gave a perfect conclusion to an amazing saga. Made me think about how I would conclude film series about my other favorite heroes if it was on my table to come up with a story. If it was up to you to decide the story in the last Spiderman movie in a series, what would you have happen? Would you have Spiderman survive the final battle, or would he sacrifice his life to defeat his ultimate opponent like Ultimate Spiderman did? Which villain deserves to be the last enemy Spiderman has to face? Would he face a whole army of villains or just one particular? Would his identity be exposed to the public or

My own proposition is kinda a mix between Civil War and several other comic sagas: Spiderman is on the run from the authorities and his previous fellow Avengers as a result of taking the blame for a crime commited by someone else (perhaps Ben Reilly), much like in The Dark Knight. One of Spiderman's foremost villains, along with an army of other villains, takes all of Manhattan as hostage under threat of destroying the city if anyone leaves, turning the island of Manhattan into an isolated city state rules by criminals and supervillains with the US government unable to do anything. Having figured out Spiderman's identity, the villain reveals Peter Parker's secret to the public, and demands that the rest of the Avengers keeps out of the way in order to challenge Spiderman alone. The villain, perhaps Norman Osborn or someone who wants to complete his legacy, enlists several other supervillains to his army and uses them in his agenda, using Chameleon as a spy and to impersonate someone with authority to take control over Manhattan, Doctor Octopus' intellect to create a highly advanced bomb or similar, Venom and other symbiotes to keep the people of Manhattan in check under threat of feeding them to the symbiotes, Rhino for breaking into a high security base, Electro to short-circuit a security system, Mac Gargan to replace Spiderman, Curt Connor's research for some kind of biological weapon, Kraven to hunt down Spiderman to bring to him, Mysterio to create illusions to lure the NYPD into a trap, etc., giving villains who has appeared in previous films recurring roles in the last movie.

I feel that far more would have to be at stake in the last movie than just the life of those Peter Parker love, it would have to be a threat on a far bigger scale, threatening at least all of Manhattan, rather than just another saving a kidnapped Mary Jane battle. And the last battle would have to be EPIC, with fire, destroyed environments, you name it. Does this sound like a good idea, or do you have a better proposition? Do you already know a Spiderman comic event that you would like to see on the big screen as the final chapter of Spiderman's story? What would you like to see in a grande finale of a Spiderman series? Oh, and this doesn't have to be the last chapter of any existing Spiderman series, this might as well be a brand new series, the number of movies to precede it and the story of those movies is all up to you to decide so it can fit together with the story of the last movie. And if you would simply like to copy the story from an existing non-Spiderman supervillain movie and apply it to a Spiderman final, feel free to do so, this forum will probably never result in an actual script anyway (but one can hope).

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Just realized I didn't finish the last sentence of the first paragraph. Anyway, I was supposed to write: Would his identity be exposed to the public or would it be kept secret?

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I don't think any director would ever go that far even if it were the final installment of the series.The ending would probably be a big climactic battle and in the end all the main characters (mostly) are still going to live.

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Spider-Man dies, and Miles takes over in the last scene.

*Waits for fanboy RAGE!!!!*

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I doubt there will be one. They'll probably take Spider-man for all the money he's worth with continuous sequels and reboots until they give up on him.

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Personal opinion I think they should go with Venom and Carnage. Just forget about Spider-Man 3 Venom.

But it wouldn't make sense to have Gwen in it and not do a death of Gwen Stacy trilogy with the Green Goblin.

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They could always go the Spider-Man Reign route.


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If they follow the OMD route, then it would be best for Peter Parker to die and his soul to descend to Hell as payment rendered to Mephisto for saving Aunt May's life. That's the true deal to the story, in addition for removing his marriage to Mary Jane and their missing child from Earth-616's official timeline. In addition, his soul would be give to the demon as part of the deal. Thus, Peter is to experience loneliness and eternal misfortune at the hand of Mephisto until his children from different alternate timelines unite to free his soul from its imprisonment in Hell.  And only 5 of his alternate reality children(Besides Mayday Parker(Venom) from the Earth-X timeline) would come forth to save him and would be led by Spider-Man 2099. 
The Mayday Parker(Spider-Girl) from MC2 Universe would be kept out of this OMD mess.

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The kravens last hunt

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The sixth movie should be the sinister six and spiderman should die at the end.

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Something involving him willing to expose his secret to the public, essentially taking responsibility for his actions as Spider-Man, but then he doesn't have to or shouldn't for some hand-waved reason so his daughter, May Parker, can take over as Spider-Girl. I like the idea of an injury forcing him into retirement. Oh, and this costume:

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No injuries necessary. Just look at Earth-X where Peter was not injured at all and went into retirement as CSI investogator while Mayday played Spider-Venom. But, let's remember that Mayday Parker isn't the only daughter in his world as there are a few others out there who could unite as an Exile type team and crossover to Earth-616 someday. Imagine Spider-Girl that is related to Spider-Man x Black Widow or Spider-Man x Mystique by the way of bio-engineering with their respective DNA blood samples to create them. Galina Tsarfin is one and the other is Copy Cat.


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