What was the first Spider-Man comic you read?

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Hi long time reader first time poster etc etc.

Not sure if this question has already been asked (did a quick search couldn’t find anything) but what was the first issue of Spider-Man you read and what made you pick it up? My one was ASM 400 - *Spoiler from 18 years ago* Death of Aunt May. It was also leading into the Clone Saga and so it was quite confusing trying to figure out why there were 3 Peter Parkers but after a few issues I figured it out.

I remember I was 13 yrs old at my local newsagency and I actually wanted to buy a copy of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition but the store owner kept eyeing me out and I panicked and I just picked up the first thing I saw which was that Spider-Man comic. Best mistake Ive made ever. Been a fan ever since

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The first issue of Spider-Man's Tangled Web...where he meets The Thousand.

Freaked the crap out of me as a kid.

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Not sure the issue but it was spider man caught fighting Morbius and The Lizard... as a kid it was kind of scary to see

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I don't remember the issue number but it was the last of an arc where Peter was fighting the Puma.

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@benreally: wow i came in here to say my first issue was 400 i guess its safe to say that issue helped new fans jump onto the ben bandwagon

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Superior Spiderman: Issue 1....

Yep, im not kidding.

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Superior Spiderman: Issue 1....

Yep, im not kidding.

That says a lot, you do not have the connection to Peter that others have.

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@spider11211: Yeah I know, im what you call a "new perspective". I add a point of view that you, the veterans, dont have. :P

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@jasonhawke: That is very true, I like to consider both sides and both sides have a right to express their views.

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Ultimate Venom arc. Whichever issue had him fighting Venom in the rain, while he was wearing his hoodie. Ultimate Spider-man was the sh!t.

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spider-man next chapter

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Can’t remember the first spiderman comic I ever read, but do remember getting serious reading spiderman during Todd Mcfarlane era, before that I was too young to remember know

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My dad had Amazing Fantasy #15 and Amazing Spider-Man #1 and I read those back when I was really young. They had to have been reprints.

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Probably ended up in the trash years ago.. with a missing front cover, chocolate stains and a beard scribbled all over Black Cat..

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@mrgreenlantern: Awesome! Are you like me then that thought the Clone Saga was actually pretty awesome and was sad when they killed off Scarlet Spider? Also I reckon the death of Aunt May was so sad and I reckon they fudged it by bringing her back. Such a beautiful farewell. It was my jumping on point and I never read any Spidey comics before then and you can see the love between Aunt May and Pete. I loved Judas Traveller as a villain as well

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