What Spidey storys are worth my money.

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So im a long time Spidey fan but i havent picked up a spidey story in ages and plan on reading the end of ASM when issue 700 comes out so i can read the last epic before i get supirior.So i plan on getting back into spider-man since im up to date on Thor so what storys are worth my money.

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What stories have you read so far? I just started reading Spidey in the last week, and I think Dan Slott's run starting with Big Time is well worth the money. I'm sure you could start with Brand New day too, if you want to go back that far.

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@gotwillpower: the last time i read spiderman was back during civil war

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I'd say read Back in Black, then skip over OMD/OMIT, and then read from BND on. Also, Kraven's Last Hunt, Spider-Man Reign, and Spider-Man's Tangled Web are good, and Spidey has a big part in World War Hulk, Fear Itself (just read the Spider-Man Fear itself 3 issue part) Secret Invasion, and AvX (just read AvX #9, it has a good Spidey center).

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Spiderman comics were best years ago.

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@mewmdude77 said:

I'd say read Back in Black,... read BND... and AvX 9...

This! Big Time would also be important to get caught up.

@Harryman said:

[Amazing] Spider[-]man comics were best years ago.

And, this!

If you like the Lizard get SHED. If you like the Hobgoblins get Danger Zone (but, this one still might be too confusing if you're not caught up).

Otherwise, there was another thread with suggestions out there... I'm not seeing it now though.

DON'T READ ASM 698... At least not until the series gets better... it's way too disappointing.

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Kraven's last hunt

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Maximum Carnage.. Classic

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