What Spider-man and Lizard could have looked like in the movie

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I found some concept art for the Amazing Spider-man that was released a few days ago and while I didn't like the Spider-man designs much (apart from the 3rd one. If the spider was in the center of the chest that suit would be bada$$! The 4th is pretty good too) a couple of the Lizard concepts look awesome!

Spider-man concepts by Eddie Yang:

Lizard concepts from the Aaron Sims company:

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Love the Spidey costume looks much better than the one in the movie and the first Lizard pic looks the best.

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The Spider-man is alright but the lizard looks even worse than in the movie. lol

#4 Posted by KainScion (2992 posts) - - Show Bio

spidey good. lizard sucks.

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The third Spider-Man suit isn't bad minus the spider not being in the middle but I think I have to say other than the eyes I like the one in the movie, and the Lizard concepts are terrible. I think they should have made him look like this one.

#6 Posted by The_Tree (8572 posts) - - Show Bio

Those Spider-Man designs are awful. The first and second Lizard designs look pretty cool though, but I'm fine with what they went with in the movie.

#7 Posted by Greenflashlight (184 posts) - - Show Bio

I like Spider #3 and Lizard #5

#8 Posted by Wolfshead (19 posts) - - Show Bio

Those Spiderman concepts are horrible. I'm glad they went with the one in the movie.

All the Lizard ones are horrible as well except for the first one.

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Give the 3rd and 4th spider-man design a bit more detail, they would look alot nicer than one they picked for the movie. (Although the movie costume ain't bad either)

#10 Posted by Gambit1024 (10217 posts) - - Show Bio

Take away the cape, change the eyes to what we know, and this would be a great costume.

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#12 Posted by PaperDemon (684 posts) - - Show Bio

They shouldn't have changed the spiderman costume to what it is. I like the original comic costume.

#13 Posted by RedOwl_1 (1743 posts) - - Show Bio


But I don't dig/like any of the spider suits, I like movie's better but original beats them all ;)

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I'm sorry but if they translated these Spider-Man costumes to film then the movie itself would just look like a full animated movie...

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Although I haven't seen the film yet, I'm fine with what they went with in terms of Spidey's costume. It looks like something a teenage kid would come up with as a superhero costume. As for the Lizard, I like 1, 3, 5 and 6 but the film's interpretation is perfectly fine too.

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I too agree with this.The Spider man is alright but the lizard looks even worse than in the movie.

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I liked the versions they went with the movie. I know a lot of people hate the design of Lizard, but I think the problem is that people have to remember that this is a half-man half-lizard creature, so he should have human characteristics and features even in Lizard form; I never agreed with the versions that almost make him look like Killer Croc as like I mentioned, he's part human so that should show which I think did when you look at his face in the movie, you can still see the human-side.
As for Spider-Man costume, I loved how people make all the basketball jokes and yet if you watch the movie, it's actually spandex that athletes wear that Peter simply modified. I personally thought that was a great way to explain how a simply teenager could make such a costume; seriously, we have tons of people who cosplay and make costumes all the time, why is it so hard to believe in the movie?

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