What is the Web of Life?

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In Spider-Mans comics is often mentioned by Madame Web, and even Doctor Strange that Spider-Man is the center of a web, which is often called the Web of Life. I've been wondering what is it? By this I mean how does it affect everyone else, what can it do, and how does it play a role in Spider-Mans life?

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It's basically fate in relation to Spider-Man. It's how Spider-Man's life is tied up with so many events around him. He's incredibly important to the Marvel universe because he touches so many lives, even if it doesn't seem that way to him.

It was one of a number of ways writers over the years have attempted to move away from the sci-fi origin of Spider-Man, usually by saying that it wasn't a random event that the spider bit Parker, but it was fate. Another example would be the "animal totem" mumbo jumbo that said Parker was some sort of spider god/spirit's avatar (think Black Panther to the Panther goddess), which is why he always finds himself fighting other animal avatars:

  • Doc Octopus
  • Scorpion
  • Rhino
  • Vulture
  • Kraven the Hunter (man)

There was even a villain who hunts avatars that tried to eat Parker's soul. As a fun twist, Parker defeated him by pumping more radiation into his body which he could withstand but would poison Morlun taking advantage of his sci-fi origins to defeat the mystic element assaulting him.

Basically, writers vacillate between the "true" origins of Spidey's transformation, but the mystical end of things is pretty easy to ignore if you want to, as it basically amounts to writer caveat and deus ex machina.

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The new issue of Spidey realy leaves you wanting for more. And the web of life part in recent issues is starting to make sense. The possibility of him killing someone his high. And his almost hate against the lizard and morbius is very much a new thing to Pete. Issue 700 is going to be big!

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