What If?

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Here's an idea for you. What if when the two years of this Superior Storyline is up they not only return Peter but another character. What if they bring back someone who would know Peter from anyone else any day. What if they brought back Norman Osborn. You might be thinking Norman Osborn isn't dead. I mean what if they brought back the Green fucking Goblin. Have him be like I'm tired of my Dark Avengers shit failing. It's time to go back to my roots. Then let's say he when he gets out he's like this isn't my Spider-Man someone else is under that mask. Then suddenly he makes the connection to Ock's death. What if Norman Osborn is Peter Parker's savior? What if they bring back Norman and he's like I want my Spider-Man back and he starts thinking of all the possible things Ock did before he died so he's like I need a counter to all of these and he builds them then he goes to war with Superior Spider-Man and frees Peter. The Spider-Man we all grew up with and loved. Crazy I know but come on admit it. This would be one crazy story.

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Well, that would make Norman look a little bit Jokerish (related to how he's being presented lately by Snyder), nevertheless, it would be an interesting story. But!!! I couldn't stand two years with SSM. Honestly, I find the whole concept at least boring, but that's just me.

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that would be awesome. I personally like SSM, and that seems like an awesome way to bring back Peter. I'm actually more angry at Peter being a ghost than Otto being Spider-Man.

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@RedHush1: you should edit your post for language....swearing isn't allowed on Comicvine

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…I think it'd be an amazing story

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@RedHush1: I wanted to clarify something!

"I find the whole concept at least boring"

That sentence of mine refers to the SSM project, not your story. As I said, I find your story at least interesting!

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Hopefully it ends way sooner than two years from now. I have banned Marvel from my pull list until SSM is over

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@joshmightbe: You da man!! Yet, I couldn't completely ban Marvel, cause I confess, I like Scarlet Spider comic book.

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@Phaedrusgr: I'll catch up in trades with everything aside from SSM but I'm sticking to my guns with the no Marvel til its over rule.

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