What I think of the ''Recent'' events in ASM (SPOILERS)

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Yea I know I'm a bit late to this whole thing but I thought I would wait and get all the issues and read them all in one. I really like what dan slott has done in this arc having Ock switch minds with Peter is a very good idea IMO. I mean through out the story you have Peter trying to get back his life after the switch and ultimately failing and ock changing wanting to I've a hero due to peters memories and being made to promice Peter to protect his family and friends. Peters death for me was done really well because its a sad but good ending to Peter Parker and its a good way to bring in Ock as the anti hero version of spider-man. Well that's my thoughts on this whole thing in all I really enjoyed the story and can't wait for SSM.

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I felt pretty much the same.

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Exactly my thoughts

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