What are some good Spider-Man trades?

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I would like to read some Spider-Man but I can't seem to get any recommendations for good trades. Any help would be appreciated. Also which of the Spider-Man books out now is best? And where would a good jumping in point? Thanks.

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Big Time is a great jumping on point, as well as a good trade. I would also recommend Matters of Life and Death. Basically just read all of Slott's run.

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Big time and Spider Island if you want to jump on to the bi-weekly comic. You should also try The Gauntlet. 5 volumes and runs through some classic spidey villains.

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Dan Slott's run

New Ways to Die

Grim Hunt

JMS's run

Maximum Carnage

Kraven's Last Hunt

American Son

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I think it's called "Coming Home". It's the 1st JMS arc.

Also Marvel Knights Spider-man 1-12 would be a good choice.

Birth of Venom.

Those are my 3 faves.

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Thanks peoples!

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Also, you may have trouble finding it, but there's like a computer disk with all the Amazing Spider-man issues right up until Civil War out there. It was about 40 bucks when I bought it. Maybe you could snag that. It was pretty helpful for a kid just getting into Spider-man.

Edit: Found it. The price has uhhhh.... gone up quite considerably, but I guess I'll still link it.


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