Web-Shooters question.

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I asked this question in a thread the other day with no response. I can't remember and can;t find it anywhere but in the comic did Peter develop the cartridges for the shooters himself or get them from Oscorp? Me and my friend were arguing this point the other day and I want to see which one of us is right.

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In the comics, Peter did it all by himself. Took him all of 5 minutes to ;)

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@kamakazi152: In the comics after he was bitten Peter designed the web-shooters himself (no inference from Oscorp at all it was 100% him). So yes Peter developed the webshooters and the cartridges completely on his own. I don't even think Oscorp was around at the time when Pete gained his powers.

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Pretty sure Parker made them by himself. Considering he's a freakin rocket scientist level of genius, what do you expect? Hope I helped you win.

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Thank you guys I could not find it and I needed to be 100% sure I was correct.

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@nickzambuto said:

In the comics, Peter did it all by himself. Took him all of 5 minutes to ;)

How he did it?

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