Wanna watch 10 minutes of Spidey vs Sandman?

#1 Posted by ScoodleDaddle (742 posts) - - Show Bio

lmao @ their test for the energy shield.

pokes with stick

Working fine!

#2 Posted by G-Man (39778 posts) - - Show Bio

Heh heh, sorry.

#3 Posted by The WeatherMan (3261 posts) - - Show Bio

Ahhh dude! I thought this was spider-man 3! Darn you G-man.


#4 Posted by Nameless one (525 posts) - - Show Bio

cheesy cartoons gotta love em

#5 Posted by Spider-Pantrelli (1742 posts) - - Show Bio

You fooled me there G-Man!!!

#6 Posted by G-Man (39778 posts) - - Show Bio

Gotta watch myself, that was almost evil of me. It was late last night and the idea struck me. Plus Lil' G-Girl and I watched that on dvd last week.

#7 Posted by Prodigal Son (3489 posts) - - Show Bio

Love it!

#8 Posted by G-Man (39778 posts) - - Show Bio

There's more on youtube. But the dvd is worth buying. It's the complete series in all its cheesiness.

I'm pretty sure this was the first episode. The "origin" doesn't come until like the third or fourth disc. G-Girl and I aren't there yet. I seem to recall it gets kinda trippy towards the end of the series. Because of that Ralph Bakshi guy.

#9 Posted by Mighty Magneto (13075 posts) - - Show Bio

That ain't right

#10 Posted by G-Man (39778 posts) - - Show Bio

Someone mentioned it somewhere and I thought about it this morning, but Peter does sound like Hermy, the dentist elf in Rudolph. Must be the same actor. I could look it up but don't feel like it.

#11 Posted by The WeatherMan (3261 posts) - - Show Bio

That was so cheesy and so corny. And since when does Peter sound like he is over 50?


#12 Posted by Acoustica (13 posts) - - Show Bio

Haha. And he has a voice changer in his mask or something... This is so corny and so funny! nice thread

#13 Posted by Intervener (468 posts) - - Show Bio

You are so mean.

My friend said that her dad worked on a scene in Spider-Man 3, not sure what he did though. According to him, it's WAY better than the first 2 movies.

#14 Posted by Icoop (319 posts) - - Show Bio

Sounds like Spiderman's voice actor is trying to mimic either Adam West or William Shatner, but it sounds so out of place after all the upbeat Spiderman voices over the years.

#15 Posted by -000 (240 posts) - - Show Bio

Rofl, this isn't what I expected.

#16 Posted by G-Man (39778 posts) - - Show Bio

Why did Dr. Noah Boddy never make it to the comics?!?


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