Walmart Exclusive Spider-man Comic

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The Amazing Spiderman #6 (featuring Lizard) from 1960's was re-released to Walmart stores with an included disc of scenes and trailers from Amazing Spiderman (2012 film). Did any of you pick up a copy?

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Already got story, reprinted in Marvel Tales #140 . Anyways, what does Octopus' first, if he's not involved in movie at all, have to do with movie?

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Sorry I meant issue 6. For some reason I wrote 3.

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OKAY, have to atleast admit, promoting anything at Wal-Mart is a great, near ingenious, way of getting those potential Spidey-loving kids some real Spidey history, with the vintage-ness of Stan's snappy wordiness, and Steve's menacingly alligator-scaled, froggy-faced and toothless Lizard. And with a demo disc, a few cents less than a new comic too!

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It's a marketing scam I'm immune to.

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No, because

1. I already read ASM 6 and can read it again, without rebuying.

2. I'm going to see the movie, so the disc is useless to me.

3. I hate Walmart

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@PowerHerc Anything Spider-man for sale anywhere is sadly my weakness. @Funrush Don't we all hate Walmart lol

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