Venom Movie To Feature Flash Thompson Instead Of Eddie Brock?

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as much as i like flash, he is just Venom, but he is Not THE VENOM, flash may bring a different role to the character but he will not be that imperfect reflection of spider-man, Eddie brock IS VENOM, end of story


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I'd like to see the gov'ments Venom in a movie, but the Venom symbiot has a long history with many host. I don't think all that should be swept under the rug just to get an Agent Venom movie out there, at least if it's in current ASM continuity. Spidey and Eddie would both have to have the suit first, bare minimum. You can skip Scorpion and the other nobodies who had it before Flash. They don't matter.

Now if this movie was in it's own continuity, then sure you could start with Flash, and have the other host just be barely touched on as part of the back story.

Honestly, I'd like a Flash/Venom moive in the vein of those DC direct animated movies, if Marvel ever started doing them again.

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I am kind of on the edge because I love the original more creepy huge and scary antihero,it would be cool to see a monstrous hero have his own film. Then again an agent venom would be cool

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Im kind of on the borderline about this

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Spider-Man first venom film Eddie second venom film Flash third venom film

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I would love to see an Agent Venom movie, but first, for fans sake, the symbiote has got to posses Eddie as a host. So, what do they do? Bring in an appearance of Eddie (as Eddie) , friend or on the opposite, enemy of Parker in ASM2. Make him Venom in ASM3 so that he gets ridd of the alien-parasite in the end, and then launch Agent Venom movie series along with ASM4. Of course, this will place them in the same mini-universe. Also, Brock becoming Anti-Venom in ASM4 would be "Amazing" :)

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First things first. Brock as a a bad guy in a spiderman movie.

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I say a Flash venom movie would be sweet

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