Ultimate Spider-man (Peter Parker): What's worth reading?

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Insert recommendation thread here:

I've picked up the new series featuring Miles and I am really digging it. I even had a teary-eyed moment with the death of Spider-man in the new series. But what I want to know is what trades should I read of Peter Parker as Ultimate Spider-man? I really want to read about Fallout and the death of spider-man. But are there any certain trades or a point that I should read on to the present? I have read 1 & 2 a long time ago but if it's not necessary from me to pick up from #1 that would be awesome.

How are the symbiote storylines? Any good team ups? I never was much of a fan of the goblins.

Anyways, those of you with more knowledge and experience, share your opinion.

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I would recommend reading everything in order. If you really dont want to, some of the stories that i enjoyed are 'Ultimate Six'. Also 'Ultimate Knights' was pretty good. It has Spidey teaming up with Moon Knight, Daredevil, Doctor Strange and Iron Fist as they all try to take down the Kingpin.

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Want to check that as well. Have heard very good things about it.

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I suggest that you don't read the arc where the aftermath of the chamelion twins impersonating him. It was terrible all around. the art work was lazy the writing was a bad fan fiction. I thought Gwen Stacy would have shined more as she had the symbiote. \Tthere was allot of stuff was laughable but Spiderman dating shadow cat was fun.

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I would start with issue one of the series.It is a great read especially when you read it issue by issue. They have trades for the series. This is the first volume for the trade it has the first 7 issues:


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