The most AMAZING Spiderman

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Soooo... I have always been this "accidential" Cosplayer... my first cosplay being Ziggy Stardust (may the pictures be burned!) when I was 14.... but I never really "pimped" myself as being one... until now. So I have been so impressed by the warmth of the community, and ANY excuse to dress up is a good one! It seems as though I see lots of cosplayers entering these "vote for me" contests, and when there was a zombie themed one... i figured "why not?"

I've been losing HORRIBLY ... until the AMAZING SPIDEY HAM came to the rescue with a video blog plea thats got me at least back in the running.... so... if you happen upon this blog... please visit and subscribe to his youtube!!! hes does a bang up job at bein spidey!!!

annnnddd... if you could... take a moment and vote for me in the sexy zombie contest too...

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Stay Strange!

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All the time I was watching this video I just kept thinking "man this guy could pull off Deadpool!".

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Whaddup with the suit? Where's the SPIDER man?

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watch his other vids... it explains the suit (lol) ... and sure he could do deadpool, but I think hes got 80's spiderman pretty spot on.

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