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Now I know what you may thinking,, "WHAT? But the movie isn't out yet!" Well for once I get to say I'm glad my family moved me to Thailand where it just came out. I know that the rest of you probably haven't seen it yet but I wanted to get this up before anyone else so don't read on unless you've seen the movie. Also I'm not trying to make an amazing review, I didn't analyze the movie too in depth or anything, this is just a spidey fan's views on this movie, I'd like feedback on your own thoughts and tell me if I can improve my writing, I'm hoping to improve.

My initial thoughts

I came into the theater with high expectations. I loved the older film. I watched it recently and it's still one of my favorite films (spiderman 1 from 2002, the other two were bogus) so I was expecting to be disappointed, but in truth I wasn't. In fact, it kind of reminded me of the old one. There were some parallels, like the opening credits involved webbing and spiders like the old one, and also when he got his powers it was quite similar, he was sick saw flashes of color and then the next day he was superhuman (this was a good deal more entertaining than the old one). The main thing I liked about this one was the origin story. This movie was longer and it dragged out the origin story quite a bit and gave you a nice sense of development with our hero. It was the way spiderman came about; everything from the web shooters (good, organic ones make no sense) to the way he slowly evolved from being a teenager out for revenge for his uncle's killer, to the good ol' spidey we all love and know. It was all quite excellent. The visual effect were, stunning. In the old film without the stunning visual effects they really couldn't bring in that level of excitement and thrill as spiderman leaped between the skyscrapers of New York.

Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker

Okay now this was the toughest part for me. Anyone can play spiderman, but Tobey just was Peter Parker. I had seen Andrew in two other films, and thought he could pull off spiderman's witty way, and a good enough actor to not be melodramatic or the polar opposite, emotionless, but could he really become Peter? The short answer is yes. The long answer is hard to say. It's like every facial expression Andrew made seemed real and that's the thing about Peter Parker I always thought was great, of all the superheroes he's the most real. just a normal kid trying to be a hero.

The lizard

This, is not my favorite villain. I didn't really like lizard's whole evil plan to turn people into 'a higher species', it was a bit predictable for something that was meant to be a surprise. Nevertheless he was quite excellently done. And I think despite my dislike, Lizard is a good villain for the first movie. He is almost all brawn and is more like that evil monster in horror movies that just kind of tromps around as a force of destruction. Marvel is probably saving the more complex psychological villains like the green goblin for later. But when it comes down to it, Lizard was terrifying at moments, job well done.


Good acting, amazing visual effect, well written plot, creative twists on the story of spiderman, other than the costume I loved it. This is one of my favorite superhero origin stories now, not just in the origin of spiderman's powers but the origin Peter Parker, of his ideals. One of my favorite quotes is "With great power comes great responsibility." That line sinks into Peter, and effects him in an awesome way.

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