'The Amazing Spider-Man' International Poster

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Everyone is looking forward to The Avengers being released next week (in the United States) but the other studios aren't going to let us forget there is more than one superhero movie coming out this year. Reports have a new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises being in front of The Avengers (as usual, there were not any trailers before the screened version of the movie).

Before we all get to see the new Spider-Man trailer, we do get to check out a new international version of the poster. We did recently see two new posters but now we get to see the logo in a different language.

It's always interesting that 'international' posters are often different besides the language and logo. The bummer is they get to see the movie on June 30 but we have to wait until July 3.

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I'm liking it :)

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the more posters I see the more it makes me think of the old spider man films.

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Looks a little less like shoe rubber lol

eeewww 3D

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the proportioning seems..... off.......

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@CrackedVersion00 said:

the proportioning seems..... off.......

What makes you think so?

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He actually looks a lot more muscular in this.

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Does anyone know why movies are released in other countries before the USA?

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Looks interesting.

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@lmothander said:

Does anyone know why movies are released in other countries before the USA?

I think it's to do with piracy and building hype for the movie. Though I could be wrong. It is a relatively new practice though, while I was growing up, I had to wait for months and months after something was released in the US for it to come over here, for both TV and movies.

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I'm completing a quest

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love the spidey street behind his back

#14 Posted by Mrakbarman (65 posts) - - Show Bio

Doesnt make the costume any cooler though

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sugoi desu ne!


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That looks awesome!!! Can't wait for this movie!!

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Yeah The Avengers get out next Friday.....I'm going to watch it Wednesday >:D becauuuuse TODAY HA S BEEN RELEASED HERE, F*CK YEAH!!! (In this moment I really love my country ;))

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@The Impersonator said:

sugoi desu ne!


Damn weaboos...

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After seeing The Avengers, I am now seriously worried for Amazing Spider-Man.

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suit looks good. Before watching the Avengers, one of the trailers was for this one, the Amazing Spiderman. Watched the trailer in 3D, it got me really hyped, hope it turns out good. If it doesnt, I hope sony just gives up and turns the rights back to Marvel. Marvel studios dont mess around....

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After the credits I NEED Fury to show up & be all "Hello Peter, how would you like to be an Avenger?"

#22 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6885 posts) - - Show Bio

Wow, I'm loving how that poster's looking. Nice!

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Hey, it's only like 4 days earlier that we get to see it here in Japan. At least it's not like the Avengers where we have to wait until August. Pretty excited for it and I'm glad they kept the title "Amazing Spider-man".

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Did he skin a couple of basketballs to make his costume? The material looks kind of odd.

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uhh the is like as if it was drawn by greg land

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I'm NOT Seeing this Basketball head movie. Can't stand to see this costume every time I see it.

Give us back a director who knows what he's doing.

I demand Sam Raimi!

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that looks like the stark tower in the back...

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I didn't care for anything related to the Spider-man reboot at first, but the costume is growing on me.

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@lmothander: Don't know, man! I've already seen the Avengers though and it's awesome (this is me being really evil!)

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Has anyone noticed that the city lights are in the shape of the Spider-Man logo just above his shoulder?

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His torso looks as if it were 6 feet long, like Stretch Armstrong-style.

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Not to bad at all

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Looks cool!

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I seen the Avengers movie it was meh nothing that good but I bet this movie will be better

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Just watched The Avengers here and the trailer for the Amazing Spiderman and I think this is much better than the previous trilogy. Hey guys did you know in the Avangers movie someone just...................hehehe no spoilers. ^_^

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I dig. Very much in line with what we had for the Raimi Spider-man movies.

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Find it pretty weird that we get it over her before the US. Not that I'm complaining.

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These posters look alot like the Spiderman Edge of Time Posters O.o

Anyone else see it. O.o?

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