TASM Error Collection 2

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In the subway scene, this guy just appears and then disappears. He's last scene breaking peters skateboard, and thats the last of him.

Where's he go? Who knows.

Shortly after, Peter runs home. (Outlined in red) That's clearly a background. It really looks fake if you see it in video.

While Peter is being a Vigilante (Must see it in video to fully understand/Outlined in red) The wall is moving alot. It's a prop that isn't balancing.

Now in the Sewer scene, The Lizard scratches Spidey, and blood is basically goozing out.

Yet it isn't in the water? Shouldn't there be blood coming out leaving a red mist?


Well that's all for today. :) Still a great movie.

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Nice. You got skill on these things. xD

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