Superior Spider-man be Green Lantern? (Duh, ASM 700 spoilers)

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Do you guys think Superior Spider-man will be like Green Lantern? Hal Jordan and Sinestro died, and now every Green Lantern book there is a page or two devoted to their predicament. Could that be how we see Peter Parker trying return? I'm open to a book solely focused on Superior, but I think it would be comforting to see Peter's journey back in every book. I doubt Dan Slott wrote it that way, but I'd like to hear your opinions!

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I think so! Because his a bit or Peter's consciousness does still reside within his old body- he demonstrated this when Ock saved Aunt May! AAAAAaaaaand, Slott said that he'd come out of hiding after the release of SSM #1, which means that something we will like will happen, but the only thing I'm pretty sure everyone will like enough to bring a guy out of hiding would probaaaaably be to hint at starting Pete's journey back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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