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Bros!! My computer charger was broken and I can't post replies from my phone. It has killed me to read all your awesome posts and not be able to reply. I decided to start a spider-man collection for my kids. I needed help on which books to start collecting. I wanted to start with something newer sense it would make #1 issues easier to get. I was looking at Superior and Avenging. I couldn't post the question as to which one to start with so I ordered the first couple books of both. I decided I would collect 3-4 book of each every month until I am caught up.. -Andy

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Nice, man. About 50 years from now these books will be worth a small fortune!

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Superior might be the book that is remembered as the book everyone hated but that might make it more valuable. lol

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@Sapperjak: Nice, hope you enjoy what you decided to read. But I'm wondering, How old are your kids because I suggest if they are young (like 3-9) you should just read Superior Spider-man first because issue 4 and 5 are very heavy and serious, especially 4.

In issue 4 a character named Massacre shoots up fast food restaurant killing almost everyone. It was pretty bloody and messed up.

Just a heads up if you don't want your kids reading that kind of stuff.

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My kids are 2 and 6mo.. They won't get these until the are older or I am dead. I had comics when I was young and didn't respect them. I guess you could say it is my collection that I will pass onto my kids. I am 27yo today actually. I love comics and have been keeping up with the scans on here about superior and heard good things about avenged so I decided to start collecting them both. One is very promising and the other may be very limited. lol

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@Sapperjak: Ok just wondering, well I hope you enjoy them and keep collecting. Superior Spider-man has definitely gotten better.

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Avenging is a book that's gonna be good for yer kids in a few years or so when they are, 7 or 8 maybe? But superior is definitely fitted to teens and adults. :)

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I honestly don't even want the kids to know I have these books for them until they are grown. It is more of an investment for them then for them to read and play with. Kinda.. It is hard to explain my motives behind this. lol

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Nice !

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@sapperjak: Hey just was wondering if you are enjoying the comics you've bought.

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Yea man, I am going to add to my collection this month.

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That's good.

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@sapperjak: Hi I have some spiderman collectible figures if you are interested for your collection. I will sell them at an extremely reasonable price. Not looking to make profits but instead I would like to find someone who would enjoy having them. These were collected by my father and it is now time to pass them on. Let me know if you or anyone you know is interested and I can send pics and info. Thanks

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Superior might be the book that is remembered as the book everyone hated but that might make it more valuable. lol

I never thought of that. Darn it :P

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@sapperjak: Dan Slott's stuff is pretty good? You can save up for a trade, they are more durable, and cheaper than some of the single issues in the middle of his run (such as #655. 656)

If you want some good comics to buy month on month for them, my suggestions would be Daredevil and Hawkeye.

If you are bent on reading Spider-Man, then Superior and Avenging isn't a bad place to start.

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I only once started and finished a collection.....Ultimate Spider-Man with Peter.

I need to be inspired by the comicmaking team....when it firstly went out i was 5 or 6 years i bought it all 3 years ago.

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