STAN LEE reacts to SPIDER-MAN being bi-sexual

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@cosmo111687 said:

If you like character integrity, don't get into comics. Characters change constantly.

I don't think changing Spider-Man's sexuality would be bad change, though. It would create greater exposure for homosexuality in popular culture, which would hopefully lead to wider acceptance. But, like Billy Batson, I think it's mostly a moot point in terms of how it effects the character. He's still the same beloved, friendly neighborhood spider-man who believes that with great power comes great responsibility. He just likes a guy now instead of a girl. And I take issue with the fact that people object to or are appalled by the idea.

But, it's just a thought-experiment. It's NOT going to happen. Homosexuality hasn't received the level of acceptance in our society where having a bisexual super hero wouldn't hurt box office numbers. And, it's true, Sony wants to make money. If they didn't, they wouldn't have rushed into making Spider-Man in the first place, so soon after the last series.

Characters don't change that much over the years. Spider-Man has been around for a very long time, the general idea of the character is still there or I should say was before Superior Spider-Man, however Otto isn't Peter which is why there is such is a huge difference.

I think changing Spider-Man's sexuality WOULD be a bad change for him, I think you're underestimating the ignorance of the American public.

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This is why Stan Lee is awesome. Spider-man,or Peter Parker rather,has never been gay. If they want a gay spider-man so bad then Marvel should make a new Spider-man and have him be homo..Not take already established characters and change them for no other reason but to satisfy certain audiences because of the "times we live in now." I'm just tired of feeling like the gay lifestyle is being forced into everything nowadays..TV,films,video games,etc.

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This is s***

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I love how most fking site suffer from paradox of tolerance

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@sheenlantern: Its not that at all. The character, Spider-Man is straight. Why not make a new character who's bisexual?

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@oscars94: Well just imagine it's an alternate universe Spider-Man, then. Because god forbid the character evolve at all.

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This whole idea is pathetic.

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Might as well make Superman bi and have him date transvestite Lex instead of Wondy. For diversity. Character history be d-mned, but hey, at least this way, Superboy will get a natural-birth origin.

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Well isn't this thread full of scum

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@sheenlantern: Remember in the comics when it was great and he did evolve got married and was going to have a daughter? Marvel and DC have now made it clear they do not want characters to evolve.

I stand on this side of the fence when topics like this show up being bisexual or gay is not a flip of a switch you do not wake up one day and say you know what I like guys as well as girls there has to be some build up. Since there has never been that for Spidey then it would be silly to make him Bi.

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@br_havoc: You realize they were talking about the movie, right?

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I'm for gay rights & all that but a character shouldn't have to change sexuality for a film or whatever it makes no sense at all .

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@henrik said:

This whole idea is pathetic.

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@jonny_anonymous: Yeah I do but with anything involving comics the character can only grow to a certain point before being brought back to square one. So movies or comics its no different.

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i agree with stan 100%

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