Stan Lee and Steve Ditko's Amazing Spider-Man

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With Spider-Man movies being a common thing now, and new fans being introduced to him through the theater, I think it's always good to remind ALL fans of the roots of this great character.

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Ditko is special

a very great man

now alone :(

made strange, question, creeper and squirrel girl as well

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Ditko is certainly a rare and special talent. The superiority of his Spider-Man material is kind of a double-edged sword, in that it dazzles fans even today, yet also takes attention away from a lot of other great work he has done.

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This is exactly why I picked up the Marvel essentials! The Lee/Ditko Spider-Man is such a great run, because they liked the character and made sales by telling fun and clever stories, instead of relying on cheap gimmicks.

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I'm just starting to read Volume 1, and it really is amazing!

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It is so cool to hear about people still discovering the classic stuff! Gives me hope that it won't be forgotten!

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We "fans" know what originally happened.....some other people who say that ASM ripped off the Raimi movies,just because was bit by a spider in both of 'em.....need to learn some stuff....

i started reading Vol.1, 3 months ago,and yesterday i finished "the night Gwen Stacy died".....big step,risk,but done in an awesome way!.....SUCK IT UP SLOTT!

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I believe the average skill and plotting ability of the today's comics professional has, compared to those of yesteryear, decreased. Now, it may only APPEAR so, due to the industry's love affair with events and stunts, but either way, the fans lose.

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