Spoilers! Ultimate Peter Parker

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Do you think Ultimate Peter Parker is really dead? Who do you think will take the Spider-man mantle? Could it be Stark's North Korean Spider-man or is that another throw away character? What lies ahead for the third chapter of the Ultimate universe?

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he's coming back to life cause the bullet that hit him was a time bullet and he's going to travel through time back to the present............jk 
i think he's dead for good at least peter parker is the mantle will probably be passed down .  
The reason i think he's dead for good is that i like to believe that Marvel realizes how bad they would look if he came back

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Or maybe because of his Kryptonian DNA we think he's dead but he's actually in a very deep coma...

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calling it now, the new Ultimate Spidey = Steve Rodgers

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He's dead, but he'll be back...  Even though it's the 'ultimate' Marvel universe, it's STILL Marvel... and in the Marvel universe, only Uncle Ben stays dead...  He'll definitely be back...
But, isn't there a female version of Peter Parker in the ultimate universe?

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@Icon said:

@Timandm: The point of killing him in the Ultimate U is that he won't be back, because if it were the 616 (mainstream) version of Marvel than of course you would be right and he would be back (or just never killed to begin with). But this is not Amazing Spider-Man we're talking about. Peter Parker in the Ultimate U is going to be "the Uncle Ben to a new character", namely the new Spider-Man. For that he is staying dead.

Bendis has stated that, and Alex Alonso has also stated that the point of the Ultimate Comics relaunch is "so simple: 3 great writers, 3 true monthlies, 1 universe where anything can happen." That is to say they are doing things in Ultimate Comics you could not do in the mainstream version, namely kill (and keep dead) a character. Proof? They've kept characters dead in the Ultimate U consistently for years already. They killed off most of the X-Men for instance, including Wolverine, and have they come back? Nope.

But the ultimate universe has only been around for about 10 years right?
And in that ten years Peter Parker didn't even age a year, correct?
So... They've killed off a few characters, but those characters have only been dead a few months at the most, right?  Since the ten years of Ultimate Comics spans less than a one year time frame, NONE of the dead characters have been dead for long...  They'll be back... Marvel can't help itself...  They ALL come back...  We'll just have to wait and see...
BTW -  Ultimate Beast was killed AND brought back...  I'll be there are more...  
(added by editing)  I just read that Xavier was 'thought' to be killed by Cable, but revealed himself to be alive later...  I think things like that count as dead and brought back.
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This is the universe where Reed Richards went evil and Ben Grimm and Sue Storm are now a couple right? I'd say killing Spider-Man and keeping him dead is a good idea.

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I think Peter will stay dead as bringing him back would be a waste of time.

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@Icon said:

@Timandm: They have been dead for more than just a few months, but that is beside the point. I'm just pointing out that the stated objective of the Ultimate U is precisely to be different than the real Marvel Universe in this regard. They can do and will do precisely these things; kill and replace characters, etc.

If this were the main Marvel U than yes, I would agree and also expect characters to return. But because it is not, and they are keeping characters dead in this alternate universe as a statement of its difference to the 616, then we can't expect them to suddenly make it the same.

Actually, they CAN'T have been dead more than a few months... The entire run of the Marvel Ultimate Universe spans less than a year...  At most they could have been dead for ALMOST a year...
But, I get what you're saying about them wanting to do new things...  And I think that's great...  Keeping characters dead WOULD be something new for Marvel, but WILL THEY?
They brought Beast back once already.
They created the illusion that Xavier was dead and brought him back... So, he wasn't actually dead...
Dr. Strange was killed, BUT it seems that he's been resurrected... In the same issue in which he was killed, although no details are revealed.
Don't get me wrong, I hope you're right, I REALLY do...  I'll just have to wait and see...  But they fact that they are already toying with bringing back dead characters, AND the fact that ten years has gone by and none of their characters have aged suggests to me that the Ultimate Marvel Universe shares at least one thing in common with the first Marvel Universe, and that is that they are afraid to let characters mature/age and change....
But to be fair, they have done a MUCH MUCH better job of keeping dead characters dead...
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Peter is definately dead and he should stay dead!!

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Until scarlet spider comes and is revealed to be the real peter all along

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peters gonna stay dead...no doubt about it.
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Wait they brought Beast back twice? He died in Ultimate in X-men, only he didn't and then he died in Ultimatum. One character was resurrected, and one appeared to be dead but wasn't. This is enough proof that they will bring back a character despite killing off at least 30 already?

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@dementedtheclown said:
Until scarlet spider comes and is revealed to be the real peter all along
Now something like THIS wouldn't surprise me one bit...
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After reading the first issue of Ultimate Fallout. I gotta say Steve Rodgers is the new Spidey.

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it wouldn't be IMPOSSIBLE to bring peter back... Miles said himself that if he had showed up a few minutes earlier, he could have saved peter. If they really wanted, they could have something like before (in Amazing i think) where Mephisto changes everything and has miles help peter kill Norman?

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Lol how no one was right about this.....

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um does no one rember gwen stacy? they killed her and brought her back

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He's dead and is replaced by a black guy.

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yea i dont like ultimates spiderman i think silly whoever writer that cuz i notice that alot black ppl complain want more black superhero or replace spiderman huh, but in 80's already there few black hero huh what wrong with it? no one can replace spiderman when peter die O_o? that fuck up so, i am not buy this comic if new black boy become spidy then should call black spider boy look more sissy than peter parker lol!

that would be nice title rookie but old comic peter have so far experience n clone

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@thespideyguy said:

He's dead and is replaced by a black guy.

Couldnt say it better...

You can lock the thread,now...

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It wouldn't be hard to bring him back. Both he and Gwen were exposed to the Carnage symbiote and Gwen came back from that. Peter could come back the same way, he just wouldn't have the memories from after he joined with the symbiote.

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They are probably going to not bring him back.its the ultimate universe who cares.But on another note the problem is that a fat guy killed the real SPIDER-MAN!!!!

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@muhabba said:

It wouldn't be hard to bring him back. Both he and Gwen were exposed to the Carnage symbiote and Gwen came back from that. Peter could come back the same way, he just wouldn't have the memories from after he joined with the symbiote.

Actually, the "Gwen Stacy" that came back was a clone. The real Gwen Stacy is still dead.

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