spidey swinging controls

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i wanna know everyone's opinion on spidey's swinging controls on gaming which style do you prefer spider-man 2 (press attach and jump off to release) or ultimate spider-man (press and hold and let go to release)? i'm pretty sure we all prefer when the webs actually attach to buildings and allow you to move, right?

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The Spider-man based off the first movie had the best web slinging. I loved how each trigger was a web shooter.

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Spider-Man 2 and Ultimate Spider-Man did it the best. The webs actually stuck to buildings. How can a next-gen game, like Spider-Man 3, still have webs just hanging in the air?

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SPIDER-MAN 2! It was awesome! It provided suspense and it made it feel like you were actually Spider-man. When I heard about The Amazing Spider-man game, I said to myself "please let the web-swinging be like Spider-man 2". However they screwed up big time In My opinion.

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@oscars94: what made it such better (suspenseful ) than the rest. besides the attaching to buildings.

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I like spiderman 2's controls

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