Spidey during 2009-2011

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About %99 percent of marvel fans are spiderman fans and they shove him aside in almost every major event (especially in the time period stated above), even in dark reign. I mean COME ON ! Norman Osborn his arch nemesis, the man who made spiderman (one of the nicest guys of the marvel universe) go into near HOMICIDAL RAGE, he killed the love of his life, his daughter, (of course this one "never happend" thanks f**king one more day) and tricked him into believing that his parents were alive.

Norman overthrew SHEILD and created his own avengers team brainwashed the public into thinking that they're the good guys. And spiderman almost never fought him, of course he kicked him around in new avengers and fought him in darkreign: the list. Now i'm not saying that spidey should have been in every single dark reign issue but i was AT LEAST expecting one final showdown in siege or something like that.

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@consolemaster001: I felt the exact same way. Peter thumping Osborn at the end of siege was good but I expected to have an epic show-down at some point between the two. This just enforced my original thought that Spider man is only in the Avengers as a cash-cow. He mostly does nothing but throw in a joke every now and then. It's really annoying that he's there just to drive people to the book and yet the writers do their very best to ignore him.

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That happened.

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@Strider92: I have noticed the same thing in the books. I thought that they might show him more when Avenging SM came out, considering the first few issues were with him and certain members, but I'm not sure I should have let my hopes get that high.

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