Spiderman "back in Black"

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i have read civil war 6,

i have read friendly NSM 17

i have read sensational 35

what the heck have i missed???

why is he in his black costume and what issue does this happen in??

this was a poor marketing plan if you ask me. they put out flyers but then do not say why he is in the costume!!

i know that it is soemthing to do with the armour suit, but would like to know where!


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This was discussed here: http://www.comicvine.com/message/the-amazing-spiderman-538/8825/&12

"[Amazing] 538 shows when Aunt May gets "shot." Now I've heard some people argue that maybe she didn't. Maybe it's MJ that got shot and May just got a splash of blood on her. It pretty much looks like she got shot to me. Doesn't look overly serious but I'm not a doctor and don't really know what major organs are in the area of her shot. 538 also just came out last Wednesday (the 21st). There have been two other "Back in Black" issues that have come in the two weeks prior and also New Avengers shows Spidey in black. No explanation has been made. Pete told Flash (when he was in disguise) that his wife threw him out. I'm hoping May survives. They've already done the whole death thing in issue 400. Let's have some originality. It should just be that MJ and May have to take off (to Canada or whereever) and Spidey's just bummed. His behavior in New Avengers didn't portray anything really bad having had happened."

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Or because he wanted to look like the two girls hangin on him.

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