Spiderman 4

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i've heard rumors of a 4th Spidey movie anyone known if there true

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I hope they are...Spider-Man 3 sucked so bad they need to redeem themselves...

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obi wan kenobi! says:

"I hope they are...Spider-Man 3 sucked so bad they need to redeem themselves..."

You're right there. But i heard Tobey Maguire is quitting, Spider Man won't be the same if they just cast a new Actor. So i think anyway.

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I want an Ultimate Spider-Man movie. LoL. :)


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Spidey has made a tonne of money over the three films, so it's hard to see how they can resist a forth film. If the suits have their way, Spidey will go until he has his own Batman and Robin or Quest for Peace and no one will touch the franchise with a barge pole for ten years.

I haven't heard anything specific for Spidey 4 though.

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Is the Jake Gyllenhal rumor about being spidey still floating around?

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Yes it is true, The rumor of Tobey Maguire is quitting was fake according to sony pictures.

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well i read it was truth...they probabably gave Tobey more money... i read even about the replacement actor...he didnt look nothing like Tobey..... and yes the third spidey sucked! how they going to put venom as a second line character!!?? venom deserved he's own movie!!! or a spiderman vs venom movie not spiderman vs sandman and venom on the side! i never even heard of sandman before spiderman 3 in my life, but i sure heard of venom! he is the reason i was interesting in spiderman in the first place! venom ownz!

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