Spider Slingers

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Being that they are Spider-Man spin off characters, I would like to see Spider-Man and the Slingers join forces.

How would they do as a team?

Also, I wouldn't mind seeing Black Marvel & Alpha added to the team, to make it more like Spider-Man's Magnificent Seven.

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According to the Slingers page, Richochet is the only one still a superhero. Hornet was murdered by Wolverine, Prodigy gave up being a superhero when Osborn took over, and Dusk is missing. Also Black Marvel is dead, and I don't think many people want Alpha to come back (although he is going to.)

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They could always replace the members of Slingers, and with the exception of a few, who in comics actually stays dead? Also, I did think about saying Gravity instead of Alpha.

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