Spider-Man's DC love interest.

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What DC girl would be a perfect match for Spidy? I myself think Supergirl would.

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Oracle. Spidey loves his red heads!!

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Granny Goodness. :p

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"shivers down my spine"
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Ivy was being talked about for him,but i think she's too hateful for him.Catwoman seems like an obvious choice due to his luvvy dubby with cat burglars.

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Eh... the only woman outside of Marvel that I'd like to see Spidey with is Chun Li. (I'm painting a bullseye on my back, arn't I?)

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I'd say Catwoman but he'd have to deal with Batman.
Maybe.. Stephanie Brown? I'm not sure how old Peter Parker is in the mainstream timeline because I've only read Ultimate =/

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Supergirl is still a teenager and Petey dating her seems awkward to me. In my opinion Oracle or , and hear me out, Huntress. Helena is capable of defending herself, which is a plus, strong spirited, and values education (she's a teacher). I think they could work.

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@Mr. Dead Pool said:
" Oracle. Spidey loves his red heads!! "
@Thor's hammmer said:
" oracle "
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black canary. 

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Oracle.  Intellectual equal, fellow crime fighter, and a redhead? Seems like she was made for him.

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I want crossover!!
Why can't DC just buy marvel?They would be better then Disney for pity's sake!!

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@InnerVenom123 said:
" Granny Goodness. :p "
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@ MarvelJackAss433 DC can't buy anyone since they are owned by a company themselves(Warner Brothers). 
I know this is stretching a little far, but how bout Power girl(Super girl for an alternate universe)?

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Power Girl

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@darkcloakx said:
" black canary.  "
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@darkcloakx said:
" black canary.  "
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You guys know Oracle is in a wheelchair right? Since she is in a wheelchair they would be able to do any serious couple things. So again i suggest Power girl. 

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either black canary or supergirl

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Oracle, Supergirl, or Starfire

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Poison Ivy.

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I was going to make this after seeing the Batman Marvel love interest thread, but now I see I can simply bump this one. Barbara Gordon would be best suited for him, in my opinion. Runner up is Huntress, or Black Canary.

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I'm going to go with Supergirl, Oracle, and Starfire.

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Marvel should buy DC. Then we would already have stuff like this answered.

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Oracle or Wonder woman

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Power Girl or Lashina

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Oh wow, talk about a bump? How long has this been down, 2 years? Still going Pamela Isley, I think that would be a really interesting story to read/watch/whatever. Think they would really sympathize with each other, but that's just me.

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You guys got no imagination...

Cat Grant: reporter, beautiful, ambitious (all Mary Jane vibes)

Zatanna: hear me out, she has that personality that I see going well with someone like Spidey/Peter.

Batgirl: yea I can see that, she has that urban hero vibe and I can see them sharing adventures ( I refuse to say Oracle...that character is gone and I'm glad)

Vixen: not too farfetched, she's a model, has animal powers.

It's kind of hard to think of characters because really no girl falls for masked Spider-Man , they go for civilian Peter Parker for the most part.

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According to the fanfiction i'm not admitting to reading, it's Oracle.

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Fuck Babs, Opposites attract for parker, like Raven, Cassy, or Pamela Isly.

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@jimishim12: You are my new hero, I agree with that statement 500%

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