Spider-Man villain psyche profile thesis

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Wrote these while back on Spider-Man's villains way back. I was always fascinated by the iconic rogues gallery from Batman, Spider-Man and Flash. Both Flash and Batman have had their rogues examined throughly but I always found Spider-Man's rogues hardly explored save for the popular villains of Osborn, Brock and Doctor Octopus. Heres my comparison exploration of Electro and Doc Ock and second being Rhino and Sandman's comparison on origin and how the four's persona correlate.

Max Dillon had a rough childhood. One of the classic screwed up ones. Like Doc Ock, his father was abusive and a controlling mother. His Mother however, wouldn't let him leave her once his father walked out on them. Max spent many years with her until she died. She'd always been telling Max never to abandon her, and in the end Max tells us she was the one to abandon him. Often undercut the Electro's attempts at independence and left him without a clear sense of self. She repeatedly told him he was wonderful while simultaneously urging him away from risks, telling him that he was not intelligent or skilled enough to succeed. Unlike Otto, Dillion was constantly told by other what to do for a lack of low self esteem. The only person he refused to listen was his wife Norma. She would try constantly to convince him to reach his full potential he refused causing the two a divorce which later lead to his accident. Then came the fatal day where a selfish Max climbed up an electrical line in order to save a co- worker. He wasn't going to until his boss persuaded him with some cash. Sending him on his way as Electro. I wonder if thats why Otto took an interest in Electro aside from his powers in Spectacular. Could he have read his psyche report?

In the comics he see's the potential in Electro ability but is aware of his insecurity which allow's Doc Ock to easily manipulate him and gain his loyalty. Dillion perhaps see's Doc Ock as the father figure he always wanted making it possible for him to forgive Doc Ock whenever he screws the Six over.

and second Rhino and Sandman

Another connection the other members have with one another is Rhino and Sandman. Perhaps the very muscles of the Six and the most down to earth. While both lack intelligence both men have experience in crime. Rhino once an enforcer for the russian Mafia and Sandman as a small time crook. They two share in common like Otto and Max is family. Rhino while focusing his crimes to elevate himself and as an outlook to make up for lack of intellect took to crime since no job would take him serious. Another reason Rhino sought to crime was in an endeavor to support his family and hoped his kin would join him in the U.S. but turned him down from the disgust in his field in crime. Now for Sandman is a different case, unlike Rhino, Sandman was brought to crime out of events, with only his mother and never meeting his father. Flint started off as the top bully with his gang he ran the students using strength and fear the only tools needed to survive. He eventually left that life started a new one as high school football player. He soon found out his friend placed a bet against him. He started betting with the mob in order to get bigger payouts. They say they're going to kill him if he doesn't pay. Vic suggests Flint throws the next couple football games so they can make the money back. Finally, Flint agrees. With that Flint leads his life of crime. While his family never motivated his crimes he would send his mother numerous gifts thanks to his powers and he was determine to make his farther proud in hopes he could have that happiness he longed for. While two have severed their family or failed in creating a new one Rhino and Sandman are one of the true honest to criminals just trying to survive.

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