Spider-Man - The most relatable superhero.

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You've seen it all - Superman, dude from another planet, Batman and Iron Man - billionaires, geniuses, playboys and philanthropists, Captain America, man out of time - But Spider-Man? He's just a kid from New York. His journey as a hero is incredible. His story may start out like every characters story, but he has a respectable and relatable reason for becoming Spider-Man, while all these other heroes somehow don't seem to have a big connection to readers - like mentioned Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark are billionaires but Peter Parker is just Peter Parker. He's also just a teenager, which didn't seem to apply to readers back in the day but the character proved readers wrong and Spider-Man has become one of the most recognizable comic book heroes ever for his unique story. I really don't think Spider-Man should be placed 3rd on top superheroes of all time - He should be 1st.

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Ah, how I love Spider-Man respect threads. I absolutely agree with every word listed above.

When I was growing up, I was fascinated by many heroes from Marvel and DC, but the ones that stood out to me were Spider-Man and Batman. (Since this is a Spidey section, I'll keep the subject on the former) He was always the hero you wanted to be, and not just because of his powers or heroic feats. I even remember a time when I was young that I was tempted to do something, (I won't go into detail here) but I had literally thought about what would Spider-Man do and corrected it. He has suffered losses, deals with villains, publicly offended, and in the grand scheme of things, he hasn't even been rewarded even near half of what he deserves. His rogues gallery is top grade with villains that you can love/hate at the same time with an excellent supporting cast. Not to mention the fact that he ordinarily meets people from all around the Marvel Universe.

One of the things that makes him truly stand out is his personality. For someone who goes through so much pain and has to constantly endure, he can still constantly wisecrack and even smile. He may not be the perfect guy and he can even constantly do mistakes. But that's what is so lovable about him. He doesn't have an easy life. The guy never even asked for powers of any sort. All he wanted was for his loved ones to be happy. The sacrifices he makes daily would normally crush an average person under such peer pressure. Yet despite the odds, the Web-Head still manages to come through. Spidey knows when it's time to be serious and tries to get away from the bad and try to brighten the mood by being funny. That's one of the things I have always loved about the guy.

It really is tearjerking when you think about how he used to be a scrawny teenage that got picked on and was turned away from some of the most notorious super-hero teams such as the Avengers and the Fantastic Four; with a job of being a freelance photographer that is governed by a man who utterly despises. Now, he works at the notorious Horizon Labs where he can use his intellect to help the word, is a member of the Future Foundation and New Avengers, graduated from college, pretty much adored by most girls he meets, and has saved the world a few times. He might not be as strong as Superman, as dark as Batman, as rich as Iron Man, or even as famous as Captain America, but he has proved time and time again that he has a true heart of gold that has withstood temptation and thought about himself last. Spidey's my hero, and I'll be honest, no matter where the series travels to, I will always be a dedicated fan to the wall-crawler. He's not just a famous comic book character or even a phenomenal icon, he can also be a role model for anyone across the world.

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@Tyrus said:

I really don't think Spider-Man should be placed 3rd on top superheroes of all time - He should be 1st.

It really depends on what your looking at. Superman will be first for a long time because he's basically a cultural icon (well his logo is anyway) so people are always going to recognize it because its been around so much over the past years (in 10 years maybe that will change who knows). The battle for 2end place is a lot closer than people give it credit for. In the comic-verse (readers like us) Batman is pretty iconic due to his bat-stuff etc....(not saying Spider-man isn't its just Batman is more "in your face" than Spider-man) to the general public though he is no more recognizable than Spider-man. Thanks to the first 3 movies and most likely the recent one Spider-man's popularity amongst the general public has soared. Before hand the only thing getting him noticed by the general public was the TAS.

Batman really isn't more popular than Spider-man in general but DC fans will always say Batman and Marvel fans will always say Spider-man. To the general public though there really isn't a lot in it. Having said that the Spider-man franchise is view-able by nearly all ages the Batman franchise isn't however. I mean you couldn't watch TDK with a child of 7-9 (I tried lol) because they lose interest. With Spider-man however you can because its faster paced and grabs their attention a lot more. Because Spider-man can be viewed universally it does give him an edge.

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@Tyrus said:

But Spider-Man? He's just a kid from New York.

a kid who can design his own web-shooters :D

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@The Poet: Lol, yeah, but he's a SPECIAL kid from New York.

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that's what I love about spiderman, deep down he just a normal guy.

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Spiderman is just an everyday guy that has problems like a real person, money woes, trying to keep a job,worried about his family and friends welfare, school, and protecting the public. Thats why I respect the guy.

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@Ms. Omega said:

Spiderman is just an everyday guy that has problems like a real person, money woes, trying to keep a job,worried about his family and friends welfare, school, and protecting the public. Thats why I respect the guy.

Exactly he isn't my favorite, but I respect his character.

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A lot of good things have happened to spider man like getting married but we know how that ended,just so he can retain his image as a teenager.

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I think Frank Castle is the most relatable Superhero but Spideys my favourite

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Spider-Man isn't my favorite because he is relatable (there are a number of heroes who are just as relatable as he is) but anyways still appreciated the topic.  

@Duke_Nasty said:

I think Frank Castle is the most relatable Superhero but Spideys my favourite

How is The Punisher the most relatable? You perhaps mean the most believable since he doesn't have any powers but I know more people who would have made completely different decisions than he did than those who would be becoming "justified" murders".  
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@Kallarkz: Well I feel believable and relatable have something to do with eachother.

Also I don't think Spider-man is relatable because if a guy in a Goblin suit was throwing grenades at me and innocent people I would kill him first chance I got. Same with giant Lizards and Vampires. The whole "no one dies" thing that most superheros have doesn't make sense to me.

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@Duke_Nasty: The Green Goblin I could maybe understand, But the Lizard is (Or at least WAS) a good friend of Spidey who just so happens to be a rampagimg animal too! And Morbius is another man who ended up a monster! It's not that Spider-Man is too much of a wimp to kill them it's just that he knows that they don't really deserve to die!

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@infonation: And thats what makes Spider-man special. Thats what makes him a great hero and Im actually meaning hes less of a wimp for not killing them. What Im saying is that I believe the average person would probably kill a giant Lizard rampaging through the streets even if it used to be a friend or family member. Maybe Im the strange one but Id totally kill my best friend if he turned into a Lizard or Vampire.

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