Spider-Man movie titles

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So If Marvel ever got the rights back to Spider-Man which i hope will one day happen what will they call the first of the new films? Could they just call it Spider-Man again? Considering the obvious choices are taken The Amazing Spider-Man and the super obvious Spider-Man what is left? I was thinking that maybe they could go with the sorta new series The Avenging Spider-Man since it will most likely tie in with the Avengers movies or maybe Spider-Man: The Webbed Avenger like they did with Captain America: The First Avenger and tried with thor calling him the Mighty Avenger. They could just try Webhead but i think people would get the wrong idea lol.

What do you guys think? what could be a Marvel Studios Spider-Man title be?

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if they get their rights back and want to do a reboot movie, i think theyll go with spectacular spider-man

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Ultimate Spider-man.

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I would like Ultimate or Spectacular Spider-Man.

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@InfamousFish said:

I would like Ultimate or Spectacular Spider-Man.

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The Marvelous Spiderman/Spiderman And The[Insert Team Name Here]/Superhero Team Up:Spiderman. Some thoughts I had.

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@r3d_rob1n said:


THAT, would be SO AWESOME ! You already feel Pete's humor in the title.

Yes, mister, I want this.

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Going with The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel... the movie really will be called The Web Head.

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Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman

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@CannotSpellMyName said:

Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman

lol can't believe no one thought of this.

Yes, this is probably the best choice.

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