Spider-Man costume for 2012 movie

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Is it better than Raimi's costume version in your opinion?

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meh. It would be it the boots weren't there... but no Sam's is better

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I'm not a huge fan of it but it's still a better rendition than the thing they're trying to pass off as Superman's costume in the Man of Steel

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true. same has a better costume.
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@TheGoldenOne said:

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Not sure if it's better, I like the classic Spidey costume but I also do look forward to seeing the new costume in action as well. :)

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@War Killer: How do you get pictures in the middle like that?

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I'll have to wait for the movie to judge, but it's hard to beat Raimi's spot on classic Spidey costume

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other than the silver webbing in Raimi's version i thought it was pretty much a spot on recreation of the comic costume.  i like this one too but i definitely don't dig the blue fingers
it seems like there's just a little too much goin on with this one

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@comicdude23 said:

@War Killer: How do you get pictures in the middle like that?

Clicked "insert" then "images" and then "Search the Site", after I found the images I wanted in a gallery I chose the "Side by Side" option instead of the "Stack" option and that's just how the system laid the images out when I posted. Not sure it that's what you were asking though... <_<
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Not even close. If Raimi's Spider-Man got anything right it was the damn suit.

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bring back the classic

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Why does this new costume look like it has Swatches on it's wrists and tap shoes on it's feet? Plus I think it has to much blue to it. And it doesn't have webbing on it, it's square blocks. Nope, not of fan of the new costume.

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they could change it in the next movie... probably not but we can all hope

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the new costume is alot cooler and i love his web shooters he made;]!!...im lokkin forwad for the new movie

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I'd rather Spider-Man dress up as a giant toilet than in that abomination. Costume sucks, Garfield sucks, the fact that they wouldn;t make a Spidey 4 sucks. CONCLUSION: The movie will suck

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i actually prefered the original... this new look seems like a copy of the Japanese version of Spider-man O_o

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