Spider-Man Carnage - Believe it or Not!

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I had seen several interesting stuff at the Ripley's Believe it or not museums across United States but I was particularly very excited with this find and wanted to share with you fellow comic viners out there.

This is from the Ripley's museum downtown Gatlinburg, Tennessee. A Spider-Man painting done on a canvas whose surface is prepared out of raw spider-web! yes thats right, raw spider-web!!!!!

Here is the small note that said below the painting -

"Believe it or Not! this depiction of Marvel Comic's super hero "Spiderman" and his arch nemesis "Carnage", was created by Mexican artist Enrique Ramos from real spider webs! Using a technique that he developed, Mr. Ramos mixes soap and water with raw spider webs to create a 'wafer-like' canvas on which he paints his masterpieces."

How cool is that? If at all you are around Gatlinburg anytime, be sure to check this cool painting out.... Take a look at the painting below:

Spider-Man Vs Carnage - A Spider-Web made painting!

Here are some of Enrique Ramos's more interesting works for Ripley's:

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One of the greatest pieces of Fan art.

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That's so awesome.

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Wow!! Amazing!

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Nice find.

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@CrimsonCake: @TheCrowbar: @danhimself: @kashman: @InfamousFish:

Thanks! have been wanting to post this since April this year.. Finally found time to put it out! :)

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That's REALLY neat!

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