Spider-man boycott

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After the horror of One More Day, I decided I'd still give Brand New Day a chance. I've been a Spider-man fan for 20 years and I really don't want to quit the book. Now, after reading the first 3 disappointing and watered down stories of Brand New Day, I've decided to do just that. Amazing Spider-man has generally lacked lustre for a long time. JMS revived it a little but his contributions are out shined by his blunders.

My hope is that more and more Spidey fans will get sick of what's been done done to the Amazing title and will quit the book as well.

Maybe if enough of us say "Hey, this crap isn't worth paying for 3 times a month!" something will actually change.

Anybody else out there who has quit Amazing Spider-man or is planning to??

#2 Posted by Copy (8336 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm not boycotting it. I didn't like the recent story arc but I still like Spidy. So, I'm going to continue reading it. I'm done with complaining about One more day. I did that enough already.

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Nice to see some people cooling off and getting their anger and frustrations out of their systems. Anyway, Kraven you should relax. I'm sure as hell wouldn't come into Spiderman's page for another 20 years but I've cooled off now and I've got like another 20 pages to do on some Batman related characters.

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I've only read up to the first issue of Brand New Day so far, I liked it. I think it really opens up the character to some new stories. I will admit that I didn't like issue 4 of OMD, but that doesn't mean I'm going to boycott the character.

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Are you really trying to initiate a boycott, or are you just done reading it until it gets interesting? I guess they are essentially the same thing, though the word "boycott" has some fairly serious connotations to it.

#6 Posted by {ACE OF WEBS} (207 posts) - - Show Bio

D= dont get rid of spidey jus make the series better D=

#7 Posted by Mr Mofo (354 posts) - - Show Bio

It's been pretty decent. I think Dan Slott is an underrated writer. It's not his fault that certain people screwed with the Spider-Man mythos. I'll always love Spider-Man unless they turn him into a gun-toting lunatic. Although did anyone read this week's WHAT IF with Wolverine? Spidey became a bad-ass.

#8 Posted by sora_thekey (8178 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm with Kraven all the way!!!!!!!!! but of course if by any means Mary Jane and Peter are back together and the stories become just as intreasting as before I'll delete my boycott. So yeah I haven't read one more day.


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