Spider-man Big Time

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What do you think of the Spider-man Big Time comics? More specifically what do you think of Peter Parker's new job as a scientific researcher at Horizon Labs? Personally I think the new job is the best thing to happen to Spider-man in a long time. As much as I dislike One More Day. (Peter and Mary Jane are my OTP), I'm enjoying the events of Brand New Day.

Spider-man has always been my favorite Marvel hero and its cool to see him finally moving forward. I never got why Marvel kept him at the Daily Bugle for so freaking long. Sure, Peter is supposed to be the relatable superhero with real life problems and that doesn't have to change, but keeping him in a constant standstill is pointless. He has such a bright mind, there's no reason not to let him make progress with it. He finally has a high-paying dream job doing something he loves. Parker has always been portrayed as a scientific genius, earning respect from ultra-brilliant minds such as Reed Richards and Tony Stark, and I'm glad that aspect of Spider-man is finally being highlighted again.

Some people have complained that the job ages him but to me he seems younger at Horizon Labs than he did at the Daily Bugle.

(Now all I want is for Peter and MJ to be reunited.)

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I do like the changes brought to Peter. After a bad "Divorce", they are finally getting Peter right. A guy that just tries his best to be his best. He doesn't need 3 girlfriends, dark stories or pregnant goblin villains, what they are doing now is good.

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