Spider-Man and Superman crossovers

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Who else has read these 2 classic crossover comics? the first one is a historic comic landmark in 1976 for both DC and Marvel after they made the first co-published comic ever the previous year known as MGM's Marvelous Wizard of Oz, but Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man became the world's first ever intercompany crossover comic and became a success, it spawned an even better sequel in 1981.

When i was 10 20 years ago i remembered looking in one of my city's malls's book stores at a thing called graphic novels and seeing some cool collected comics, something caught my eye called "Marvel/DC Crossover classics" that contained all 4 classic crossovers like "Superman vs. Spider-Man", "Superman/Spider-Man", "Batman vs. Hulk" and "X-Men/New Teen Titans", i was like "a Marvel and DC crossover comic? no way!" as i had my mom buy it for me and i read it and loved it. Seeing such childhood heroes like Superman, Spider-Man, Batman and Hulk with X-Men all together was like a dream come true.

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They should have more but unfortunately they don't have the same relationship they had back then.

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Having Dr. Octopus and Lex Luthor including Dr. Doom and Parasite together was quite an interesting team-up you have to admit.

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