Spider-man and Martial Arts

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We all know Spidey underwent training with Shang Chi after losing his Spider-sense:

He demonstrated his knowledge of it during Spider-island:

Am I the only one who thinks its a shame they've basically dropped this side of Spider-man?

Apart from that one showing during Spider-island I haven't seen him use it. Also I haven't noticed a big improvement in his general fighting style either which is odd as I would have thought this training would have helped.

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He has super strength and agility already.....does he really need it??

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@Strider92: It might not be completey gone yet

"Danger Zone" is the Hobgoblin story, Slott mentioned this at the Chicago Comic Con. Said it's a three-part story that's the conclusion of the sub-plot about Kingpin acquiring those Spider-Jammers waaaay back in the Vulture two-parter(and will apparently be picked up again in the Lizard story coming soon, going by the solicits). He said Spidey is gonna have to use his Spider-Fu to fight off the Kingpin's ninjas AND his personal bodyguard, The Hobgoblin. He also said there's a BIG status quo change for Phil Urich in that one.

They haven't announced the artist(I love all three ^_^), but I imagine Stefano Caselli will be the one to do it, just going by the rotation schedule. If there's one thing Stefano can draw, it's ninja/kung fu fight scenes. Plus, we haven't seen his version of the Hobgoblin yet, so I'm excited about that.


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If superman learns boxing from muhhamad ali and wildcat then spidey can learn kung fu from shang chi, and he should not forget

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@Death Certificate: That's good news. I'm glad they haven't pushed his training under the rug.

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@Strider92: It couldn't fit there anymore, there are piles of stuff under the rug.

#7 Posted by Strider92 (18020 posts) - - Show Bio

@KillerZ: Sad but true.....

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@KillerZ said:

@Strider92: It couldn't fit there anymore, there are piles of stuff under the rug.

HAHAH seriously, but i like him having the training. it only makes him better.

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I agree, I think that he should still use it when he's in a fix as a sort of secret weapon against his normal enemies.

#10 Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt (14378 posts) - - Show Bio

Hong kong Spidey....number 1 super guy!!!!!! Sorry.......I just had to say it once.

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Looks like I spoke to soon lol:

Good to see Slott hasn't forgotten. I hope we'll see more of this kind of fighting in the future.

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I think Peter only uses it when he feels he has too, at the end of the day is still probably more comfortable with his old fighting style.

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