Spider-man #693, Alpha, "No One Dies," and where it's all headed

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Dan Slott's run on Amazing Spider-Man has been pretty... Well, amazing so far if you ask me. With issue #700 fast approaching, I think I see where Slott may be going. Or I'm totally off... Either way, this is what I think is going to happen. I hear a lot of people thinking that New York is going to get destroyed in issue #700, and that would be a major failure for Peter since he's been all about "no one dies." What if, in his city, everyone dies? Or damn near everyone. I think that would be pretty crazy (and ballsy) to do, and really destroy Spider-man on the inside. I'd love to see it... But that isn't what I think will happen. Instead, let's look at Alpha. The Marvel Universe's only alpha level threat, is also an immature unlikable prick. I think it's obvious that he's supposed to be easy hate, Hell he even cheats on his fan girl-girl friend. Dick move, bro. But someone can be an asshole and still be a great hero, but he doesn't even seem capable of doing that right. He's rotten at his core, and this ultimate power he wields will undoubtably make him a massive threat to all life on Earth. Eventually Alpha will kill someone (or many people) good or bad, and Peter will have to act. He's already working on a non-lethal Alpha solution... Though I assume that will fail for one reason or another. They keep emphasizing how Alpha is Spider-Man's responsibility, and he is. "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility" is synonymous with Spidey, as is "No One Dies" since Big Time. However I see Spider-Man having to not only break his "No One Dies" rule in order to stop Alpha, I see Spider-Man KILLING Alpha. Be it through scientific mumbo jumbo, or a simple neck snap, he should be conscious of his choice that in order to ensure no one ELSE dies he has to take RESPONSIBILITY for the GREAT POWER he inadvertently created.   Spider-man was made to suffer, and overcome. He has lost many love ones throughout the years, and I just don't see Slott doing that again. Someone dies, Spidey mourns, and resigns himself to be a better hero... This time though, his failure will be that much more meaningful and internal than ever before. Sacrifice is what Spider-man does, and becoming a murderer by necessity is just the kind of thing Slott would have to (even jokingly) go into hiding for. I know that sounds like MADNESS... But I sincerely believe it to be true, and imminent. I guess we'll find out soon enough.

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What I think is gonna happen is during a battle with a supervillain, something really bad is gonna happen to Alpha, something like a loved one dies, he get conked on the head and goes insane, etc. Basically, he's gonna go crazy, and lose control, and kill a lot of people in the process, including Mary Jane, which prompts Peter to have to try and stop him non-lethally, but failing, so he has to kill Alpha, but that makes him hurt inside, cause he failed his responsibilities (letting Alpha go crazy), and he broke his no kill rule, so he'll resign from all the teams he's in, and go a little crazy himself, but be brought back from the edge by Captain Marvel (Carol), and they finally get together. That's at least what I want to happen.

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@mewmdude77: After reading 693 I think Pete is going to try and take Alpha's powers away to stop him hurting people (like when Alpha flipped out against those spider-creatures. You could see Pete was worried) and he practically said it at the end. Alpha will not want to lose his abilities and is going to go ape-shit when he realizes thats what Pete is trying to do and as Pete tried to take something from him he'll return the favor.

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