Spider-Man 5 trailer idea

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Marvel Logo

Cut to an open window in Peter's apartment.

cut to darkness

Cut to Spider-Man jump into the room from the window.

Cut to Darkness

Cut to Spider-Man falling to the ground.

cut to darkness

Cut to Spider-Man rolling on the ground screaming in pain. Cut to close up of Spider-Man's face. He relaxes. Cut to a shot of Spider-Man with 6 arms.

Cut to a group of thugs running wild on the street. Spider-Man and Black Cat are fighting the thieves.

TV: It is day 65, and the Hobgoblin, the underground crimal ruler, is still realsing his wave of terror.

Cut to Shot of Hobgoblin, with Jack-O-Lantern, and Stix and Stone following him.

Little girl next to Spider-Man.

Little girl: help me!

Spider-Man: Don't worry I'll save.

The Little girl turn's into Chamelion and kicks Spider-Man.

Cut to a shocked MJ

MJ: what's going on.

Cut to Spider-Man fighting the lizard and Lizard bits him.

Spider-Man: The lizard poison was bitten with some how altered me to have extra arms.

Cut to MJ and Peter on the couch.

Spider-Man: I'm going to find a cure.

MJ: Just be careful.

Spider-Man: Look at me, I don't think anyone will mess with me.

Cut to SpiderMan swing and getting a spider-sence.

Cut to Spider-Man landing in an alley a few feet from and shadowed man hunching over a dead person. The shadowed man looks at Spider-Man.

Man: get away from me.

Spider-Man: We can do this the easy way, or the we can do...

before Spider-Man can finish, the man jumps out of the shadows, and looks like a vampire. Morbius lungs at Spider-Man. A wild fight takes place.

Cut to Spider-Man and Black Cat on a building.

Spider-Man: This vampire is now after me. Not to mention him and the Lizard are at war to kill me.

Cut to Lizard, Spider-Man, and Morbius fighting.

Spider-Man: Plus the fact that Hobgoblin and his gang are wrecking the city.

Cut to Rhino throwing a bus into the air and Hobgoblin and Jack-O-Lantern throwing bombs at it.

Spider-Man: Plus look at my arms!

Black Cat: At least Eddie Brock is in jail.

Cut to Eddie being dragged by guards.

Cut to Spider-Man: Something doesn't seem right.

Cut to Eddie being put into a cell. Eddie's face looks shocked.

Voice: hi.

Cut to dark shot.

Voice: I'm Cletus.

Cut to Cletus cutting his wrist smiling.

Cut to banner, Spider-Man 5

Cut to Spider-Man crawling on the wall of a broken down building. Behind him a red slime-like tentical pops out of a crack. the red tentical morphs into an Axe. It swings at Spider-Man.

Cut to coming fall 2012

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Howd did you get the idea?

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I was thinking about spider-Man's Six Arm Saga in the early Amazing Spider-Man series. Plus I think it would be cool use villians of lesser popularity just because they are just as vicious as any well known spider-villian. Plus I think it would be cool to see Hobgoblin be ruler of the criminal underground.

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should be very entertaining^^

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The Hobgoblin idea sounds very cool. Almost reminds me of his current story in the Amazing Spider-Girl comics.

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Sounds enjoyable in a way.

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