Spider-Man 4 vs The Amazing Spider-man: Which would be better?

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 Spider-man 4: Lizard
 Spider-man 4: Carnage
If you haven't heard yet ( which means you have probably been living in a cave for some while) Sony Pictures decided to reboot the spider-man movie franchise and are calling the new one The Amazing Spider-man. Same as spidey's main series. When I first heard this news I was... shocked. The first Spider-man film was great. The second, Even better. The third one, in my opinion was just as good as the other two but critics differed. And now I'm thinking why did Sony Pictures decide to reboot it anyway? The franchise was going good, lots of people were going to see them. But now they have new actors, the story is still fresh in or minds, and we are going to have o wait until July of next year to see spidey on the big screen again, while Spider-man 4 was going to be released in theaters in July of this year. Now here is why I think Spider-man 4 would have been better: 
- Mostly everyone liked where the story was going 
- They had all the plot they needed set up for the next one; Dr. Conners would have become the lizard and that sample of the symbiote he had from the previous one could have become carnage and found cletus kasady 
- Also, they could have thrown Kraven into the mix and had him trying t hunt down the lizard 
- Even if Sam Raimi couldn't meet the release date that Sony wanted him too I know I and other people would be willing to wait for the continuation of the story  
But, then there's The Amazing Spider-man that Marc Webb is directing. The reboot. They have new actors like Andrew Garfield playing Peter Parker/ Spider-man and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy and no Mary Jane. Now here are my reasons why maybe The Amazing Spider-man isn't such a good idea... 
- We've already seen the origin story on-screen, and what we're going to see for probably a fairly big portion of the movie is spider-bite, fame, uncle ben shot, and with great power comes great responsibility. In other words, Peter's transformation from geek to Spider-man 
- Like I mentioned before Spider-man 4 the story all set up for itself, and true they will have the lizard in the movie, but instead of Kraven or Carnage or other villians we've been wanting to see on-screen we get Van Adder who may or may not transform into Proto-Goblin who has only appeared in 1 issue in spider-man history.  
- The story is still fresh in our minds and when you thing of peter parker, you think of Tobey Maguire since you saw him play that part in 3 spider-man movies 
That is what I pretty much thing about the canceled Spider-man 4 and The Amazing Spider-man. I'm not saying the reboot is going to be terrible or anything. I'll probably go see it since i'm a fan of spidey. But I just think that Sony pictures made a wrong decision by deciding to reboot it, instead of continuing from where they left off. Post your thoughts below! The Amazing Spider-man
 The Amazing Spider-man: Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spider-man
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i get what youre saying and i would perfer to see 4 but hey as long as were getting another spidey film im alrite but i wanna see CARNAGE SO BAD!!!!

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New director = Fresh start in my opinion. From what I understand Sam Raimi wasn't happy with the amount of studio intervention in Spider-Man 3 so its time to move on. Plus Tobey Maguire was getting too old. Though I'm worried that Andrew Garfield is a bit too old to start a new series too, in a few years he'll be too old to play Spider-man too.
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I think it was really poor handling on the studio's part. They should have just let Raimi direct the movies his way.

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The script for spider-man 4 was leaked and it would been worse than 3.

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So is the Amazing Spider-man a reboot or something like a prequel? I heard (or read) something like the latter somewhere.

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I heard Spidey 4 would have had Vulture and Felicia Hardy appearing as the Vultress or something. I'm pretty sure I would prefer a reboot to having the Spidey series go down that route. Besides, with Proto-Goblin they have the opportunity to do a few different things. They could have him like Scarecrow in TDK, smallish threat taken down early and then things segue into the main plot, or like Scarecrow in BB; an important character, but kind of a stepping stone to the true villain. They could tie in some of the Proto-Goblin stuff with the Lizard or even (more easily) the Green Goblin. I've heard rumours that Norman's appearing? I'd like for Lizard in the first film, then a fresh villain in the second and perhaps Connors trying to redeem himself or something. I don't think we've had a previous villain trying to redeem themselves as part of a plot in a superhero film yet, or at least one done in a realistic and not-forced way. With a reboot they open up some avenues for themselves which could very well be good.

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Spider-man 4's script was absolute garbage.

But then, Raimi's trilogy is overrated anyway. Highly.

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@ssejllenrad said:
" So is the Amazing Spider-man a reboot or something like a prequel? I heard (or read) something like the latter somewhere. "
No it's a reboot

I'm pretty confident Amazing will be much better than a 4th Sam Raimi Spider-Man would have been. Raimi got to do a whole trilogy, and while it was mostly good, it was not the definitive take on Spider-Man it could have been. I want to see what Webb will bring, and it sounds great so far. 
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@InnerVenom123 said:
" Spider-man 4's script was absolute garbage. But then, Raimi's trilogy is overrated anyway. Highly. "
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From what I've heard about the leaked Spider-Man 4 script, it would have been a worse character death to Spidey then OMD.  I liked Spider-Man 3 but Spider-Man 4 would have been an utter disaster. I think Raimi, Tobey and Kirsten got out while they still could. While I don't think I'll like the reboot as much as the Spider-Man Trilogy, I am looking forward to Amazing.
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Only time will tell.

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@TheCheeseStabber said:

i get what youre saying and i would perfer to see 4 but hey as long as were getting another spidey film im alrite but i wanna see CARNAGE SO BAD!!!!

I'm the same way but i definitely want to see a new Spiderman... and i want to see a movie that is truer to the comics.

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Do you have a copy of the script or know where it was leaked?

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Wouldn't have mind a Raimi Spider-Man 4, but from what I've read about the project, it didn't sound like it was exceptionally great. Plot wise. Though seeing John Malkovich as the Vulture would have been just aces with me. *sigh*

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