so how would superior spidey hold up in great spidey moments

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how do you guys think ock would fair in some of the web slingers most difficult moments.

moment 1.

The night gwen stacy died.

how would ock have reacted? would gwen stacy still have died? would green goblin have died?

moment 2.

The black suit.

How long would have superior been in the suit? would he still be in it? would it have still created venom?

moment 3.

how about the death of uncle ben

would superior have stopped the crook and would uncle ben still be alive? would his death have even caused him to be spidey?

moment 4

the clone saga

im not even going to do specific questions for this i just want to hear your thoughts

now discuss and if you can think of any others to throw in be my guest

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1.- He would have killed Norman a long time ago

2.- I don’t think I he would have kept venom

3.- he would have beaten the mugger to death (just for the fun of doing it)

4.-Don´t know

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1.He would have tried to kill Norman,with no outcome....i have a feeling he would've failed.Peter also "killed" Norman that day.....this isnt something extrordinary.

2.He wouldnt have changed much....he just would have become a super villian.Venom wouldnt be created,cause we dont know if and what Ock would have done to Eddie,and the whole situation.

3.No Ben death=No Spider-Man.So the same as Peter.

4.He would have tried to kill Ben-Kaine and the Jackal,and call it the end of it......and i would agree with him.

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